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校园英语 中学双语教学常用语500句2

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101. It’s getting chilly(hot, cool,warm).天要变得寒冷(炎热,冷爽,温暖)。

102. According to the weather report(forecast),it’s going to rain(snow, clear).根据天气预报,天要下雨(下雪,放晴)。

103. Are you going to take your umbrella to the concert.你要拿雨伞去音乐会吗?

104. you’d better take your raincoat with you ,it looks like rain.你最好拿着雨衣,天要下雨。

105. The weather changed suddenly, many of us caught cold.天气突变,一些人感冒了。

106. It’s said that you were ill yesterday , is it true ?据说你昨天病了,真的吗?

107. Let me feel your forehead.让我摸摸你的额头。

108. How are you feeling now?现在你怎么样?

109. It doesn’t matter (amount to) very much.没什么大不了的。

110. Does your classroom have central heating?你们教室有暖气吗?

111. You’d better boil some vinegar.你们最好熬一些醋

112. Get well soon.祝你尽快康复。

113. I have used up all of the chalk, would you fetch.some more from the office?粉笔用完了,你到办公室拿回一些来,可以吗?

114. Please pass (bring) me the red chalk.请给我拿来红色粉笔。

115. I’ve used up my ink(toothpaste,paper).我的墨水(牙膏,纸张)用完了。

116. We’re all out of money.我们的钱用完了。

117. A dictionary is of GREat use to students learning a foreign language..对于学外语的学生,字典是很有用处的。

118. Will you please fetch me my dictionary?能给我拿过我的词典吗?

119. You’re welcome to use my dictionary.你当然可以用我的词典。

120. Some of you look like sleepy now,they seem to be tired.有些人显得很疲劳,好象挺累了。

121. You’re allowed to have some drink in the evening.class 晚上上课时,大家可以喝水。

122. During the class, I notice some of you looks sleepy。我注意到有些同学课上精神不振。

123. I don’t think you had a good rest yesterday。 我想你可能是昨天没有休息好。

124. Now you are allowed to take a three-miunte catnap.现在你可以休息三分钟。

125. And then,all of you must be in good (high) spirits.。然后,大家都要振作精神。

126. This class will be over in a moment, now let’s take a nap(break ,catnap).本课时将近结束,大家可以休息一会儿。

127. But you know(should understand), this doesn’t mean that you can take a rest in class freely.但是你得明白,这不是说你可以上课时随便休息。

128. Could I have your attention?请注意了。

129. Don’t fidget sth(about).不要搞小动作。

130. Please give the main idea(meaning) of each paragraph.请给出这段的主要意思。

131. What strikes you most in the lesson?这节课给你印象最深的是什么?

132. We’ll look at some difficult points in this text.我们要看一下这篇课文的难点。

133. I’ll give you some homework to do, everyone of you must do it well,ok?我给大家布置一些作业,大家能够尽力做好吗?

134. Do you like the pop music? Whose music do you like?你喜欢流行音乐吗?喜欢谁的音乐?

135. Now let’s enjoy the tape of a famous popular singer Miss Tianzhen.现在欣赏一下在大歌星田震的磁带。

136. You needn’t erase the backboard after class.课下你不必擦黑板。

137. It’s impolite to mutter to one another in class.上课交头接耳不礼貌。

138. Some day next week, some leaders and teachers will attend (be here to see) our Chinese class, we’d better make preparations for it.下周,一些领导和老师要来听课,我们还是略做一点准备。

139. Excuse me, from yesterday on, sth has been wrong with my throat.请原谅,从昨天起,我的咽喉痛得很厉害。

140. Now I can’t say anything in this class.这节课,我几乎什么也不能讲。

141. I’ll write two study tasks on the blackboard.我在黑板上给大家写上两个学习任务。

142. I hope you can do it well by yourselves.我希望大家能自己做好。

143. You may discuss (have a discussion about sth) in groups(with you classmates,in pairs).你也可以分组讨论。

144. And you may look through the new article-----Lesson Ten.你可以浏览新课----第十课。

145. Please read the notes to the text in class again.你可以课堂上再看看注释。

146. Let’s read the exercise of the text, look at exercise .No.2.看看课文的练习,第二题。

147. We have two Chinese classes this afternoon, let’s practise writing a composition.今天下午有两节语文课,我们练习一篇作文

148. We’ll put down(stop, won’t practise)the oral composition this period.这节课我们不做口头作文

149. There’re several titles of the composition on the blackboard,黑板上有好几个作文题目。

150. Write a composition of about 200 words on one of these subjects(titles).就其中一个题目,写一篇200字的作文

151. You may choose one of them to write.你可以选其中一个进行练习。

152. You gotta(be going to) pay attention to the requests(demand).大家一定要注意这些要求。

153. I think you ought to finish it in two classes(it’ll take you two classes to ).我认为大家用两节课可以写完它。

154. Everyone of you must hand it in at the end of the next class。每个同学在下节课结束时都要上交这份作业。

155. This assignment will take us two hours to finish it.这项工作需要我们两个小时才能完成。

156. Section monitor of Chinese, collect all the compositions and take them to my office , please.语文科代表,你要收上全部作文,把它们放在我的办公桌上。

157. She is good at handwriting(her handwriting is good).她的字写得不错。

158. We’ll have our final exam of this term next Tuesday.下周二我们要举行期末考试。

159. From this class on, we stop our practice of oral lecture temporarily.从这节课开始,我们暂停口语训练。

160. It’s Friday today, we have five days left今天星期五,我们还剩五天。

161. I hope all of you can pass the exam.我希望每位同学都能通过考试。

162. We’re the best,we can beat the other classes.我们可以胜过所有班级。

163. You had better go over these ancient Chinese units.大家最好复习一下文言文单元。

164. You may listen to the tapes of them quickly.大家可以较快地听一听这些文章的磁带。

165. And first, let me analyse our double-bases exercise-books.首先,我们一起分析一些双基练习。

166. You may look through the notes and other study materials.大家看一下笔记和相关资料。

167. We gotta(have got to) review these ancient articles we have learnt.我们要把学过的文言文内容复习好。

168. We’ll get ready for the final exam.我们要为这场期末考试做准备。

169. Now, our examination paper has been made up.现在,我们已经完成了试卷出题。

170. These content is in our four revision books: text-book,exercise-book,and our other two study materials.考试内容就在我们四本书里:课本、练习和其它两本学习资料。

171. I’ll introduce them to you if you’re interested in .如果大家感兴趣,我就为大家介绍一下这些材料。

172. He spent two hours in going over the old lesson.为复习旧课,他用了两个小时。

173. He spent a lot of money on literature books.他花了不少钱,用于买文学书籍。

174. This class, I’ll promote a monitor,and you may take a election for it.这节课,我想提拔一名班长,大家可以选举。

175. Do you understand(is it understood)?大家明白吗?

176. Everyone,you’re doing a GREat job.大家都干得不错。

177. Don’t cry over spilt milk.不要过于计较。

178. Let’s give the classroom a good cleaning.让我们打扫一下教室卫生。

179. Would you just look at the place?怎么打扫的卫生?

180. Why don’t we clean our classroom first?先打扫教室吧?

181. What shall we take care of next?还干什么?

182. Take these chairs out of the room.把这些椅子拿出房间。

183. Take these charts off the wall.把这些图画从墙上取下来。

184. Why don’t we just straighten up a bit?我们最后再收拾一下吧?

185. Who’s the student (with)wearing glasses ?戴眼镜的那位同学叫什么名字?

186. Her name is on the tip of my tongue.我一时记不起她的名字了。

187. I knocked at the office door many times just now.我刚才敲了多次办公室的门。

188. What’s the emergency? 什么急事?

189. Xiao Zhany is badly ill now, we must send for a doctor at once.小张正病得厉害,我们要赶紧送他到医院。

190. Is there a doctor in the school?学校里有医生吗?

191. Somebody call an ambulence.911. 快打救急电话号码911。

192. What’s eating you(what’s wrong with you)?你到底怎么不舒服?

193. The doctor told me to take the cold medicine three times a day.医生告诉我服用感冒药一天三次。

194. My classmate Zhangming got into a fight yesterday.同学张明昨天打架了

195. You are injured.你受伤了。

196. Freeze, don’t make him to lose too much blood.别乱来,不要让他失血太多,

197. Tell him not to worry about it 告诉他,别为这事着急。.

198. Out of the way(get out).离开这里。

199. I’m just playing around with you(joking around with you,no fooling).我给你开玩笑。

200. Your cause is still unclear.你的事还不很明白。

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