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  Agave Bsave Chat Dmade
  Adull Bbutcher Csugar DPush
  Astrength Bwealth Cthus DThrow
  Aweigh Bceiling Cbargain DHeight
  Aocean Bopposite Cofficial Doffer
  Apossession Btelevision C anxious Dprecious
We ____________last night , but we went to the concert instead.
  Amust have studied Bmight study
  Cshould have studied Dwould study
6What about having a drink?
  Agood idea. BHelp yourself.
  CGo ahead , please DMe , too.
  7I don't think I'll need any money but I'll bring some _________.
  Aat last B in case
  Conce again Din time
  8_______to take this adventure course will certainly learn a lot of useful skills.
  ABrave enough students BEnough brave students
  CStudents brave enough DStudents enough brave
   I can't eat this , It's too salty.
  AYes, sir? BWhat?
  CAll right? DPardon?
  10Most animals little connection with ________animals of _________different kind unless they kill them for food.
  Athe ; a B.不填 ; a
  Cthe ; the D.不填 ; the
  11It's always difficult being in a foreign country, ___________if you don't speak the language.
  Aextremely Bnaturally
  Cbasically Despecially
  12Let Harry play with your toys as well , Clare you must learn to __________.
  Asupport Bcare
  Cspare Dshare
  13You've left the light on.
   Oh , so J have .________and turn it off.
  AI'll go BI've gone
  CI go DI'm going
  14Someone called me up in the middle the night , but they hung up __________I could answer the phone.
  Aas Bsince
  Cuntil Dbefore
  15Are you coming to Jeff's party?
   I'm not sure . I ________go to the concert instead.
  Amust Bwould
  Cshould Dmight
  16If you want to change for a double room you'll have to pay_______$15.
  Aanother Bother
  Cmore DEach
  17Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, ________,of course , made the others unhappy.
  Awho Bwhich
  Cthis Dwhat
  18______production up by 60% , the company has had another excellent year.
AAs BFor
  CWith DThrough
  19I've worked with children before , so I know what ________in my new job.
  Aexpect ed Bto expect
  Cto be expecting Dexpects
  20How are you today?
   Oh , I ___________as ill as I do now for a very long time.
  Adidn't fell Bwasn't feeling
  Cdon't fell Dhaven't felt
  21The WTO cannot live up to its name ________it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.
  Aas long as Bwhile
  Cif Deven though
22The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see _______the next year.
  Acarry out Bcarrying out
  Ccarried out Dto carry out
  23Why don't we take a little break?
   Didn't we just have __________?
  Ait Bthat
  Cone Dthis
  24It is the ability to do the job _______matters where you come from or what you are.
  Aone Bthat
  Cwhat Dit
  25 The reporter said that the UFO ________east to west when be saw it.
  Awas travelling Btravelled
  Chad been traveling Dwas to travel.

I climbed the stairs slowly , carrying a big suitcase , my father following with two more . By the time I got to the third floor , I was 26 and at the same time felling lonely . Worse still , Dad 27 a step and fell , sending my new suitcases 28 down the stairs . "Damn !"he screamed , his face turning red . I knew 29 was ahead . Whenever Dad's face turns red , 30 .
  How could I ever 31 him to finish unloading the car 32 screaming at me and making a scene in front of the other girls , girls I would have to spend the 33 of the year with? Doors were opening and faces peering out(探出),as Dad walked 34 close behind . I felt it in my bones that my college life was getting off to a(n) 35 start.
  " 36 the room , quickly ,"I thought . "Get him into a chair and calmed down ." But 37 , would there be a chair in Room316? Or would it be a(n) 38 room?
  39 I turned the key in the lock and 40 the door open , with Dad 41 .complaining(抱怨)about a hurting knee or something . I put my head in , expecting the 42 . But to my 43 , the room wasn't empty . at all ! It had furniture , curtains , a TV , and seven paintings on the walls.
  And there on a well-made bad sat A my new 44 ,dressed neatly , GREeting me with a nod , she said in a soft voice , "Hi , you must be Cori ." Then , she 45 the music and looked over at 46 ,"And of course , you're Mr . Faber ,"she said 47 ."Would you like a glass of iced tea?" Dad's face turned decidedly 48 before he could bring out a "yes."
  I knew 49 that Amy and I would be 50 and my first year of college would be a success
26Ahelpless Blazy Canxious Dtried
  27Atook Bminded Cmissed D picked
  28Arolling Bpassing Cdropping Dturning
  29Asuffering Bdifficulty Ctrouble Ddanger
  30Ago ahead Blook out Chold on Dgive up
  31Alead Bhelp Cencourage Dget
  32Aafter Bwithout Cwhile Dbesides
  33Abest Bbeginning Cend Drest
  34Awith difficulty Bin a hurry Cwith firm steps Din wonder
  35Afresh Blate Cbad Dunfair
  36ASearch BFind CEnter DBook
  37Ain fact Bby chance Conce more Dthen again
  38Asmall Bempty Cnew Dneat
  39AFinally BMeanwhile CSooner or later DAt the moment
  40Aknocked Bforced Cpushed Dtried
  41Ayet Bonly Ceven Dstill
42Aworst Bchair Cbest Dtea
  43AreGREt Bdisappointment Csurprise Dknowledge
  44Aroommate Bclassmate Cneighbour Dcompanion
  45Aturned on Bturned down Cplayed Denjoyed
  46ADad Bme Cthe door Dthe floor
  47Aquestioning Bwondering Csmiling Dguessing
  48Ared Bless pale Cless red Dpale
  49Asoon Bthere Clater Dthen
  50Asisters Bfriends Cstudents Dfellows



  New York , 10 November 527pm , yesterday . Biggest power failure in the city's history .    *Thousands of people got stuck in lifts . Martin Saltzman spent three hours between the 21st and 22nd floors of the Empire State Building . "There were twelve of us . But no one panicked . We passed the time telling stories and playing word games . One man wanted to smoke but we didn't let him . Firemen finally got us out."
  * "It was the best night we've ever had.," said Angela Carraro . who runs an ltalian restaurant on 42nd Street . "We had lots candles on the tables and the waiters were carrying candles on their trays . The place was full and all night , in fact , for after we had closed , we let the people stay on and spend the night here."
  * The zoos had their problems like everyone else . Keepers worked through the right . They used blankets to keep flying squirrels and small monkeys warm . While zoos had problems keeping warm , supermarkets had problems keeping cool . "All of our ice cream and frozen foods melted," said the manger of a store in downtown Manhattan . "They were worth $50,0000."
  * The big electric clock in the lobby(大厅) of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in downtown Manhattan started(滴答) again at 525 this morning . It was almost on time.
  51Throughout the period of darkness , Martin Saltzman and the eleven others were _________.
  Anervous Bexcited Ccalm Dfrightened
52In what way was the night of November 9 the best night for Angela Carraro ?
  AShe had a taste of adventure.
  BBurning candles brightened the place.
  CBusiness was better than usual.
  DMany people stayed the night in her restaurant.
  53How long did the power failure last?
  ANearly 12 hours. BMore than 12 hours.
  CNearly 24 hours. DMore than 24 hours.


  The easy way out isn't always easiest . I learned that lesson when I decided to treat Doug , my husband of one month , to a special meal . I glanced through my cookbook and chose a menu which included homemade break . Knowing the bread would take time , I started on it as soon as Doug left for work . As I was not experienced in cooking , I thought if a dozen was good , two dozen would be better , so I doubled everything . As Dong loved oranges , I also opened a can of orange and poured it all into the bowl . Soon there was a sticky dough(面团)covered with ugly yellowish marks . realizing I had been defeated , I put the dough in the rubbish bin outside so I wouldn't have to face Doug laughing at my work , I went on preparing the rest of the meal , and , when Doug got home , we sat down to Cornish chicken with rice . He tried to enjoy the meal but seemed disturbed . Twice he got up and went outside , saying he thought he heard a noise . The third time he left , I went to the windows to see what he was doing . Looking out , I saw Doug standing about three feet from the rubbish bin , holding the lid up with a stick and looking into the container . When I came out of the house , he dropped the stick and explained that there was something alive in out rubbish bin . Picking up the stick again , he held the lid up enough for me to see . I felt cold . But I stepped closer and looked harder . Without doubt it was my work . The hot sun had caused the dough to double in size and the fermenting yeast (酵母)made the surface shake and sigh as though it were breathing . I had to admit what the 'living thing 'was and why it was there . I don't know who was more embarrassed(尴尬)by the whole thing Doug or me.
54The writer's purpose in writing this story is ___________
  Ato tell an interesting experience
  Bto show the easiest way out of a difficulty
  Cto describe the trouble facing a newly married woman
  Dto explain the difficulty of learning to cook from books
  55Why did the woman's attempt at making the bread turn out to be unsuccessful?
  AThe canned orange had gone bad.
  BShe didn't use the right kind of flour.
  CThe cookbook was hard to understand.
  DShe did not follow the directions closely.
  56Why did the woman put the dough in the rubbish bin?
  AShe didn't see the use of keeping it
  BShe meant to joke with her husband.
  CShe didn't want her husband to see it .
  DShe hoped it would soon dry in the son.
  57What made the dough in the rubbish bin?
  AThe rising and falling movement.
  BThe strange-looking marks.
  CIts shape.
  DIts size.
  58When Doug went out the third time , the woman looked out of the window because she was ______________.
  Asurprised at his being interested in the bin
  Bafraid that he would discover her secret
  Cunhappy that he didn't enjoy the meal
  Dcurious to know what disturbed him


  Decision-thinking is not unlike it often matters not only what you think , but also what others think you think what you think they think you think . The mental process(过程) is similar . Naturally , this card game has often been of considerable interest to people who are , by any standards , good thinkers .
  The GREat mathematician John von Neumann was one of the founders of game theory . In particular , he showed that all games fall into two classes ; there are what he called games of 'perfect information', games like chess where the players can't hide anything or play tricks ; they don't win by chance , but by means of logic and skills . Then there are games of 'imperfect information', like poker , in which it is impossible to know in advance that one course of action is better than another.
  One mistaken idea about business is that it can be treated as a game of perfect information . Quite the reverse Business , life itself are games which we must normally play with very imperfect information . Business decisions are often made with many unknown and unknowable factors(因素), best poker players . But few business people find it comfortable to admit that they are taking a chance , and many still prefer to believe that they are playing chess , not poker.
  59The subject discussed in this text is _________.
  Athe process of reaching decisions
  Bthe difference between poker and chess.
  Cthe secret of making good business plans
  Dthe value of information in winning games
  60An important factor in a game of imperfect information is ___________.
  Arules Bluck Ctime Dideas
  61Which of the following can be used in place of "Quite the reverse"?
  AQuite right. BTrue enough.
  CMost unlikely. DJust the opposite.
  62In the writer's opinion , when making business decisions one should ___________ .
  Aput perfect information before imperfect information
  Baccept the existence of unknown factors
  Cregard business as a game of chess
  Dmix known and unknown factors


  Olaf Stapledon wrote a book called First and Last Men . in which he looked millions of years ahead . He told of different men and of strange civilisations(文明), broken up by long 'dark ages' in between . In his view , what is called the present time is no more than a moment in human history and we are just the First Men . In 2,000 million years from now there will be the Eighteenth or Last Men.
  However , most of our ideas about the future are really very short-sighted . Perhaps we can see some possibilities for the next fifty years . But the next hundred ? The next thousand? The next million? That's much more difficult.
  When men and women lived by hunting 50,000 years ago , how could they even begin to picture modern life? Yet to men of 50,000 years from now , we may seem as primitive(原始的)in our ideas as the Stone-Age hunters do to us . Perhaps through the cribe , These words , which I have just made up , have to stand for things and ideas that we simply can't think of .
  So why bother even to try imagining life far in the future ? Here are two reasons . First unless we remember how short our own lives are compared with the whole human history , we are likely to think our own interests are much more important than they really are . If we make the earth a poor place to live because . we are careless or GREedy(贪婪) or quarrelsome . our grand-children will not bother to think of excuses for us.
  Second , by trying to escape from present interests and imagine life far in the future , we may arrive at quite fresh ideas that we can use ourselves . For example , if we imagine that in the future men may give up farming , we can think of trying it now . So set you imagination free when you think about the future .
  63A particular mention made of Stapledon's book in the opening paragraph ____________
  Aserves as a description of human history
  Bserves an introduction to the discussion
  Cshows a disaGREement of views
  D Shows the popularity of the book
  64The text discusses men and women 50,000 years ago and 50,000 years from now in order to show that _________.
  Ahuman history is extremely long
Blife has changed a GREat deal
  Cit is useless to plan for the next 50 years
  Dit is difficult to tell what will happen in the future
  65Spundels and ballalators are used in the text to refer to _________.
  Atools used in farming Bideas about modern life
  Cunknown things in the future Dhunting skills in the Stone Age
  66According to the writer of the text , imagining the future will _________.
  Aserve the interests of the present and future generations
  Benable us to better understand human history
  Chelp us to improve farming
  Dmake life worth living


  Excused from recycling(回收利用) because you live in a high rise with a rubbish chute(垃圾道)? You won't be for long . Miami's Mark Shantzis has made it simple for those living in tall buildings to use the chute and recycle too .
  In Shantzis' Hi-Rise Recycling System , a chute leads to a pie-shaped container with six boxes that can turn around when operated . The system , which fits in the same space as the chute and container now in use , enables glass , plastic , paper , metal , and other rubbish to go into separate boxes .
  The system is controlled from a board next to the chute door . The board has a button for each class of recycling materials (as well as for unrecyclables). At the press of a button , a microcomputer locks all other floors' chute door and sets the recycling container turning until the right box comes under the chute . The computer also counts the loads and gives a signal by phone when the box is full . And a particular piece of equipment breaks up the nonrecyclables
  Sorting(分类) recyclables before they are collected saves the use of expensive materials recovery equipment which otherwise has to do the sorting . Such equipment often makes recycled materials very expensive , so expensive that tons of recyclables remain wasted . Shantzis believes his system could help recycled materials become more cost-effective.
  67The purpose in writing this text is _________.
  Ato encourage people to recycle their rubbish
  Bto introduce a recycling system for high rises
  Cto describe the use of computer technology in recycling
  Dto explain the need for rubbish collection in high rises
  68When he says "You won't be for long" the writer means that _______.
  Ayou'll soon be living in a cleaner building
  Brubbish chutes will become out of date before long
  Cyou won't wait long for your turn to recycle rubbish
  Dit won't be long before you'll have to recycle your rubbish
  69Before dropping rubbish into the chute you have to ___________
  Alock the other floors' chute doors
  Bcheck if the container is full
  Cpress the correct button
  Dbreak up the rubbish
  70The biggest advantage of this new system is that _________
  Ait readuces the cost of recycling
  Bit saves time and space
  Cit saves money for people living in high rises
  Dit makes better use of the existing recovery equipment
Mrs Brown : What a tiring evening!
  Mr Brown : Oh , it's good to sit down after all that standing.
  Mrs Brown : 71
Mr Brown : I don't think I've ever felt so tired in my life 72
  Mrs Brown : And the heat . 73
  Mr Brown : We shouldn't have accepted the invitation in the first place
  Mrs Brown : 74 We've only been to a party.
  Mr Brown : You're right . We must be getting old .
  Mrs Brown : Come on . 75 We'd feel better.
AI'm not that tired
  BLet's have some coffee.
  CWhat 's more , I didn't sleep well last night.
  DBut we shouldn't have felt so tried.
  EA good night's sleep will put you right again .
  FI could just sir here for ever and ever , and never get up .
  GAll that silly talk , and the drink and the cigarette smoke


National Matriculation English Test (NMET 2000)



76That flying school graduates a hundred ______ (飞行员)every year. 76______
  77Tom is _____________(在楼上). Go and find him yourself . 77.___________
  78This plant is foud in the ___________ (南部)parts of the country 78__________
79I must ____(道歉)for not having been able to write to you sooner.   79_____
  80Two hundred _____(被盗的) bicycles were returned to their owners last month.
  81.When I got home after the holiday there were a lot of ______(留言)in my phone.
82._____ speaking (一般来说), parents care more about their children's health than about their own.

  83.I can't tell one from the other because they are only ________(细微)different.
  84.There has been a 50% growth in the _________(市场)for personal computers.
  85.Thank you for ___________(提供)to help , but I can manage it myself.

They day before the speech contest(比赛) English teacher 86.________________
  talked to me . She said that she and my schoolmate all 87._______________
  wished me success , but it didn't matter that I would 88._________________
  win or not . When I was on the stage the next day , I felt so 89.___________
  nervous as I shook like a leaf . There were so many people 90.____________
  present! Suddenly , I caught a sight of my English teacher in 91.____________
  the crowd . She was smiling but nodding at me . I remembered 92.___________
  her words and calm down . I did a good job and won the first 93.________
  prize . Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library. 94.________
  Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher. 95.________
  About two minutes later I stopped a passing car and took the old man to the nearest hospital.
Li Hua





Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ(Key to 1-75
  1.A 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.B
  8.C 9.A 10.B 11.D 12.D 13.A 14.D
  15.D 16.A 17.B 18.C 19.B 20.D 21.C
  22.C 23.C 24.B 25.A 26.D 27.C 28.A
  29.C 30.B 31.D 32.B 33.D 34.A 35.C
  36.B 37.D 38.B 39.A 40.C 41.D 42.A
  43.C 44.A 45.B 46.A 47.C 48.C 49.D
  50.B 51.C 52.C 53.A 54.A 55.D 56.C
  57.A 58.D 59.A 60.B 61.D 62.B 63.B
  64.D 65.C 66.A 67.B 68.D 69.C 70.A
  71.F 72.G 73.C 74.D 75.B

  78.southern (south不可接受)
  83.slightly (little不可接受)
  85.offering (providing, supplying不可接受)


  The day before the speech contest (比赛) ^ English teacher 86. my
  talked to me. She said that she and my schoolmate all 87. schoolmates
  wished me success, but it didn't matter that I would 88. whether
  win or not. When I was on the stage the next day, I felt so 89.
  nervous as I shook like a leaf. There were so many people 90. that
  present! Suddenly, I caught a sight of my English teacher in 91. a
  the crowd. She was smiling but nodding at me. I remembered 92. and
  her words and calm down. I did a good job and won the first 93. calmed
  prize. Now my picture and the prize is hanging in the library. 94. are
  Whenever I see them I will often think of my English teacher. 95. often


一、 评分原则:

二、 内容要点:
  1 时间:200028日早晨715分;
  2 地点:公园路公园门前;
  3 我正沿公园路向东走;
  4 一辆汽车从第3街向右拐,驶入公园路时撞倒了一位过街的老人;
  5 汽车未停,沿公园路向西开走;
  6 汽车是黄色的,车牌号是AC864,司机是一位女性。


四、 说明:
  1 内容要点可用不同方式表达。
  2 对紧扣主题的适当发挥不予扣分。

五、 One possible version:
  It was 7:15 on the morning of February 8,2000. It was walking along Park Road towards the east when an elderly man came out of the park on the other side of the street. Then I saw a yellow car drive up Third Street and make a right turn into Park Road. The next moment the car hit the man while he was crossing the road. He fell with a cry. The car didn't stop but drove off at GREat speed heading west. I noticed the driver was a young woman and the plate number was AC864. About two minutes later I stopped a passing car and took the old man to the nearest hospital.

Li Hua


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