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语法 从下列各题的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选初一个最佳答案。

What a pity my new computer doesn’t work. __________ must be something wrong with it.
A. It B. There C. This D. That
2.E-mail, as well as telephones, _________ an important part in daily communication.
  A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play
3._________ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising.
  A. Who B. The one C. Anyone D. Whoever
4._________ is mentioned above, the number of the students in senior high schools is increasing.
  A. Which B. As C.That D. It
5.It was _______ he said _________ disappointed me.
  A. what … that B. that … that C. what … what D. that … what
6.It is not rare in _______ that people in ________ fifties are going to university for further education.
A. 90s … the B. the 90s … / C. 90s … their D. the 90s …their
7.The director gave me a better offer than _________.
A. that of Dick’s B. Dick’s C. he gave Dick D. those of Dick
8.—— Let me tell you something about the journalists.
—— Don’t you remember _________ me the story yesterday?
A. told B. telling C. to tell D. to have told
9.______ your composition carefully, some spelling mistakes can be avoided.
A. Having checked B. Check
C. If you check D. To check
10._______ everybody knows about it, I don’t want to talk any more.
A. For B. Even C. Since D. However
11.The number of the employees has grown from 1,000 to 1,200. This means it has risen _____
20 percent.
A. by B. at C. to D. with
12.Books of this kind ________ well.
A. sell B. sells C. are sold D. is sold
13.One more week, ________ we will accomplish the task.
A. or B. so that C. and D. if
14.There was a lot of fun at yesterday’s party. You _______ come, but why didn’t you?
A. must have B. should
C. need have D. ought to have
15.—— It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside all night.
—— My God! ___________.
A. So did I B. So I did C. So were you D. So did you
16.He _________ to the lab than he set out to do the experiment.
A. has no sooner got B. no sooner got
C. will no sooner get D. had no sooner got
17.There are five pairs _______, but I’m at a loss which to buy.
A. to be chosen B. to choose from
C. to choose D. for choosing
18.—— Mum, why do you always make me eat an egg every day?
—— _______ enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up.
A. Get B. Getting C. To get D. To be getting
19.A computer does only what thinking people ________.
A. have it do B. have it done
C. have done it D. having it done
20.The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the __________.
A. 20 dollars remained B. 20 dollars to remain
C. remained 20 dollars D. remaining 20 dollars

二、词汇 从下列各题的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。

21.—— May I speak to Mr. Thomas, please?
—— I’m afraid he isn’t in. Would you like to _______ a message?
A. take B. write C. leave D. tell
22.The manager has ________ to improve the working conditions in the company.
A. accepted B. allowed C. permitted D. aGREed
23.Those T-shirt are usually $35 each, but today they have a _______ price of $19 in the Shopping Center.
A. regular B. special C. cheap D. particular
24.We all know that ________ speak louder than words.
A. movements B. performances C. operations D. actions
25.My parents always let me have my own _______ of living.
A. way B. method C. manner D. Fashion
26.________with foreign countries can bring us much information about the world.
A. Contrast B. Competition C. Contact D. Combination
  27.Mother told Jim to _______ the milk until it boiled and then turn off the gas.
  A. observe B. watch C. notice D. glance
28.It is a good way for us to memorize new words by seeing them ________.
A. properly B. repeatedly C. clearly D. usually
29.The new law will come into _______ on the day it is passed.
A. effect B. use C. service D. existence
30.Washington, a state in the Unite States, was named ________ one of the GREatest American presidents.
A. in honor of B. instead of
C. in favour of D. by means of

三、语言功能 从下列各题的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。
31.—— My daughter has passed the exam.
—— Congratulations! She’s really intelligent.
—— __________
A. No, no, she is nothing. B. Oh, thank you!
C. Sometimes she is intelligent. D. You are right.
32.—— Would you rather come on Friday or Saturday?
—— __________
A. Yes, of course. B. The other is better.
C. What’s the matter? D. Either would suit me.
33.—— ________
——It’s nothing to worry about. I never liked it anyway.      
I lost my Walkman this morning.
I feel awful. I’ve got a cold.
I feel terrible, but I’ve left your tape somewhere.
I’m sorry, but we don’t have that medicine.
34.—— You forgot to feel the cat again!
—— _________
A. I can’t remember. B. I don’t mind feeding her again.
C. I’ll do it now. D. Yes, I did. What about you?
35.—— Would you like to go to the Grant Theater with me tonight?
Yes, I would like to go to the Grant Theater with you tonight.
I’d love to, but I have an exam tomorrow.
No, I wouldn’t.
That’s all right.
36.—— Jane: Tom, let me introduce you to Lucy.
—— Tom: _________
—— Lucy: Hi, I’m Lucy Lee.
A. What’s your name? B. Hello.
C. Nice to see you. D. Sorry, not right now.
37.—— Mum, I’ve cut my finger. It’s bleeding!
—— __________
A. Let me see. B. Don’t worry
C. Be careful. D. Let me have a look.
38.—— What’s happened to my library books?
—— ____________
A. I’ve no idea. B. You borrowed them from the library.
C. You bought them yesterday. D. They’re about long life.
39.—— My children are always arguing.
—— _________
A. Just ignore them. B. That’s right.
C. Are you sure? D. How old is the boy?
40.—— Where is Tom this morning?
—— He’s got a cold.
—— _________
A. Just tell him to take it easy. B. What’s the matter with him?
C. He is absent. D. What? Where is he?

四、综合填空 下面短文中每个空格有A、B、C、D四个选项,根据上下文选择一个最佳答案。
  What an exciting day it was for Jennifer and Valerie! They had been friends since Grade Three and had 41 many of their high school experiences. Now they were driving together to their final high school event. Today was 42 day at Lamar High School. 43 they were close friends, they were different in many ways. Jennifer was a fairly 44 student while Valerie did just enough to get by and was mainly 45 in a good social life.
  “ Isn’t it 46 that we’re all finished?” said Valerie. “I’m really looking forward to having a good time this summer.”
  “ 47 be nice,” Jennifer replied. “ I’m afraid I’m going to have to work most of the summer to help pay for my college expenses.”
  Jennifer’s parents had only a small 48 and she had made up her mind to have an occupation in which she could afford all the things her 49 could not.
  Valerie, 50 , came from a fairly well-to-do family. She had little desire to work hard for 51 she had always taken for granted.
  “I really don’t want to go to college for a while,” she 52 . “ My uncle runs a restaurant in the Bahamas and he has 53 me to spend a year there as a waitress. That should give me plenty of 54 for the beach.”
  “It seems 55 ‘ll really be going different ways now,” thought Jennifer.
41.A. learned B. obtained C. remembered D. shared
42.A. exam B. sports C. graduation D. working
43.A. If B. Because C. Although D. When
44.A. diligent B. polite C. active D. favorite
45.A. specialized B. relieved C. envied D. interested
46.A. certain B. GREat C. unfortunate D. annoying
47.A. Can B. Shall C. Must D. Need
48.A. income B. problem C. family D. difference
49.A. teachers B. parents C. friends D. relatives
50.A. in fact B. in a way C. as a result D. on the other hand
51.A. what B. whom C. that D. these
52.A. admitted B. complained C. proposed D. screamed
53.A. helped B. assured C. invited D. promised
54.A. peace B. work C. energy D. time
55.A. I B. we C. she D. they
  There are times when you find yourself unable to work out a problem. It is at this 56 that the way in which you use your teacher is important. With a good teacher, such times should be less 57 than with a bad one; so the worse the teacher, the more responsibility you have for your 58 ! Whatever your luck in this 59 , one thing is most significant and stays the same, whatever the quality of teaching you 60 : if there is something you don’t understand, you must ask, again and again if unbelievable how people would rather sit in silent 62 than admit not understanding. To behave in such a way is the only truly 63 thing a student can do: it’s a false form of pride, which is the most useless, damaging quality anyone can have, to say nothing of a student! 64 , regard your teacher as a guide or even a friend and do not sit 65 wondering what he’s going on about.
56.A. course B. point C. thought D. opportunity
57.A. lucky B. remote C. frequent D. comfortable
58.A. mood B. image C. intention D. success
59.A. field B. period C. respect D. direction
60.A. offer B. describe C. arrange D. receive
61.A. Likely B. Obvious C. Difficult D. Suitable
62.A. ignorance B. depression C. nervousness D. disapproval
63.A. safe B. simple C. strange D. stupid
64.A. Otherwise B. Furthermore C. Therefore D. Nevertheless
65.A. quietly B. honestly C. separately D. gently

五、语篇理解 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容,从各题的四个选项选择一个最佳答案。
  One day an ordinary dog appeared in the ticket office at Campiglia, a busy railroad station on Italy’s main line. A ticket agent named Elvio GREeted the strange dog in a friendly way, so the dog decided to stay. From that day on, the dog became Elvio’s shadow and was named Lampo.
  Lampo kept Elvio company(陪伴) inside the ticket office. When the Weather was warm, he would enjoy himself in the sun on the train platform. When it came time for Elvio to return home on the train night, Lampo ran after the train for a long way and then sadly gave up and went back to the station.
  One night as Elvio was riding home on the train, he noticed that Lampo was lying at his feet. Afraid that the conductor would see the dog on the train and shout at him, Elvio pushed Lampo under a seat. Luckily, the conductor did not notice the Lampo boarded the last train and met his family. Then, after a short visit, Lampo boarded the last train and went back to the station. Lampo quickly learned all of the train schedules. He would ride home from work with Elvio every night and then ride back to the station alone. Every morning, lampo arrived at Elvio’s house in time to walk his young daughter, Mivna, to school. The faithful dog would then take another train to Campiglia to spend time with his master, then travel again to accompany Mivna home from school at 11:30.
  Soon, Lampo began to take the trains all over Italy. Lampo became famous among the men who worked on the railroad, as his journeys became more frequent, complicated and mysterious. No one could explain why he traveled or how he always found the right train back to Campiglia. People decided that Lampo was a unique dog.
  Some of the railroad officials were against Lampo’s illegal travels. They were afraid he would bite a passenger or cause some other problems. Finally, the stationmaster threatened to call the dogcatcher if Elvio didn’t get rid of the dog.
  Elvio decided to put Lampo on a train going as far away as possible. Months went by and Lampo did not come back. Mivna missed him very much and prayed for his return. Finally one day, a sad, very thin, tired Lampo returned to Elvio’s office. Everyone, even the stationmaster, was sorry about what had happened. From then on, Lampo was allowed to ride the trains whenever he wanted. After seven years, Lampo GREw old, and he began to need Elvio’s help to board the train.
  One day Lampo was seen lying dead on the tracks. A year later, a life-sized statue of Lampo was set up at Campiglia station.
66.The first time Lampo took the train, Elvio was ________.
delighted that he was lucky
afraid the dog would bite someone
afraid the conductor would see him and be angry
excited that Lampo would soon meet his family
67.Lampo’s traveling all over Italy caused people to believe that ______.
A. he could read the train schedules B. he was famous in the country
C. Elvio secretly helped him D. he was a very special dog
68.The stationmaster threatened that if Elvio didn’t get rid of the dog, ________.
Elvio would be fired
Lampo would be put on the train tracks
the stationmaster would send him away
a dogcatcher would be called
69.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the story?
The dog was once sent away by Elvio.
The dog finally won the stationmaster’s heart.
The dog was faithful to his master.
The dog died when he was seven years old.
70.The author suggests that a statue of Lampo was set up because _______.
the stationmaster felt sorry about what had happened.
he had been a friend to travelers
it would bring good luck to the town
Elvio offered money to set up the statue
  Millions of people pass through the gates the gates of Disney’s entertainment park in California, Florida and Japan each year. What makes these places an almost universal attraction? What makes foreign kings and queens and other important people want to visit these Disney parks? Well, one reason is the way they’re treated once they get there. The people at Disney go out of their way to serve their “guests”, as they prefer to call them, and to see that they enjoy themselves.
  All new employees, from vice presidents to part-time workers, begin their employment by attending Disney University and taking “Traditions I”. Here, they learn about the company’s history, how it is managed and why it is successful. They are shown how each department relates to the whole. All employees are shown how their part is important in making the park a success.
  After passing “Traditions I” , the employees go on to more specialized training for their specific(具体的) jobs. No detail is missed. A simple job like taking tickets requires four eight-hour days of training. When one ticket taker was asked why it took so much training for such a simple, ordinary job, he replied, “What happens if someone wants to know where the restrooms are, when the parade starts or what bus to take back to the campgrounds? ... We need to know the answers or where to get them quickly. Our constant aim is to help our guests enjoy the party.”
  Even Disney’s managers get involved in the daily management of the park. Every year, the managers leave their desks and business suits and put on special service clothes. For a full week, the bosses sell hot dogs or ice cream, take tickets or drive the monorail(单轨车), and take up any of the 100 jobs that make the entertainment park come alive. The managers aGREe that this week helps them to see the company’s goals more clearly.
  All these efforts to serve the public well have made Walt Disney Productions famous. Disney is considered by many as the best mass service provider in America or the world. As one long-time business observer once said, “How Disney treats people, communicates with them, rewards them, is in my view the very reason for his fifty years of success ... I have watched, very carefully and with GREat respect and admiration, the theory and practice of selling satisfaction and serving millions of people on a daily basis, successfully. It is what Disney does best.”
71.The first day they come to Disney parks, all new employees __________.
begin by receiving on-the-job training
must learn several jobs
begin as ticket takers
have already attended Disney University
72.The main objective of the Disney employees is to _________.
learn all parts of the business
see that their guests enjoy themselves
be able to answer all kinds of questions
keep their important guests happy
73.Each year, managers wear special service clothes and work in the park to _________.
set a good example for employees
remind themselves of their beginnings at Disney
gain a better view of the company’s objectives
replace employees on holiday
74.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
Tourists learn the history of Disney in its entertainment parks.
Disney attracts people almost from all over the world.
Parades are regularly held in Disney’s entertainment parks.
Disney’s managers are able to do almost all kinds of work in the Disney park.
75.This passage is mainly about __________.
how Disney employees are trained
the history and traditions of the Disney enterprises
why Disney enterprises make a lot of money
the importance Disney places on serving people well
  Do you like to eat out? Do you like to eat quickly? Do you like inexpensive food? Some people go to fast-food restaurants for these reasons. In the past, people usually went to diners(路边小餐馆) for these reasons. In fact, many people in the States still go to diners today for the same reasons.
  A man named Walter Scott had the first “diner” in 1872. It wasn’t really a diner. It was only a food cart. People on the street walked up to the cart to buy food. These carts served late-night workers who wanted a cup of coffee and a late-night meal. The meal was a sandwich or boiled eggs. In 1887, Samuel Jones built the first diner big enough to allow the customers to come and stools, and people sat down while they ate.
  Before long, many diners stayed open around the clock. In other words, people were able to eat in a diner at any time. Diners changed in other ways, too. The original menu of sandwiches and coffee became bigger. It included soup, favorite dishes, and a breakfast menu. In addition, diners soon became permanent buildings. They were no longer carts on wheels.
  Diners today look similar to the diners of the early 1900s. They are usually building with large windows. Inside, the diners have shining counters with stools, booths, and tables and chairs. People can eat all three meals in a modern diner.
  Today, many people eat in fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and Burger King. However, the diner remains an American tradition, and thousands of people still enjoy eating there. It was popular a century ago, and it is still popular today.
76.A man named Walter Scott had the first “diner” in 1872. Why is diner in quotation marks(引号)?
Because it is spelled differently from “dinner”.
Because the first diner was not a real diner.
Because diner was a new word.
Because it is a special kind of restaurant.
77.What meals did the first diners serve?
A. Only breakfast. B. Only lunch.
C. Only night-meals. D. All of the above.
78.According to paragraph 3, diners changed in ________.
A. two ways B. three ways
C. four ways D. five ways
79.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
Diners existed before fast-food restaurants.
The menu included more food than sandwiched and coffee.
Burger King is a fast-food restaurant.
Sandwiches became bigger.
80.The main idea of the passage is __________.
the diner is a traditional, popular place to eat in the United States
Samuel Jones built the first diner big enough to allow the customers to come inside
American diners serve many types of food 24 hours a day to their customers
diners are different from fast-food restaurants in many ways
  About one million years ago, the Ice Age began. The Ice Age was a long period of time in which four GREat glaciers(冰川) pushed southward to cover almost all the upper half of North America, and then melted away. Each glacier was a thick sheet of ice and snow that spread out from a center near what is now Hudson Bay in Canada. The winters were long, and the cool summers were too short to melt much of the ice and snow. The ever-growing sheet built up to a thickness of two miles at its center.
  As all glaciers do, these GREat glaciers slid(滑动). They pushed down giant trees in their paths and scraped(刮削) the earth bare(光秃秃的) of soil. Many animals moved farther south to escape. Others stayed and were destroyed.
  When winters of little snow came, the summer suns cut into the edges of the ice sheets. As the glaciers melted, rocks, soil and other things that had mixed with the ice and snow were left. New hills, lakes and rivers were formed.
  The last of the GREat glaciers began its melting about 11,000 years ago. Its melting formed the GREat Lakes. These lakes are today little changed from their early sizes and shapes. The largest of the North American river systems was also influenced by the glaciers. This is the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio system. These rivers were miles wide at first. Through the years they settled into their present channels.
81.The main idea of this passage is ___________.
the Ice Age was a long period of time
GREat glaciers covered North America many years ago
changes in climate helped to melt the glaciers
how glaciers changed North America
82.The author states that all glaciers ___________.
A. are two miles thick B. form frozen lakes
C. are a million years old D. move and slide
83.From the information in this passage we know that ___________.
glaciers are destructive
all glaciers in the world move southward
the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio system is larger than it was before the Ice Age
the GREat Lakes are now smaller than they were before the Ice Age
84.The Ice Age lasted almost __________.
A. 1,000 years B. 100 years
C. 1,000,000 years D. 11,000 years
85.In the last sentence, the word their refers to ____________.
A. lakes B. rivers C. glaciers D. systems

六、翻译 用括号内所给的词语,把下列句子译成英语

七、写作 根据提示用英语写出一段100—120词的短文。
我认为 …… (观点、理由)

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