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Nothing can replace time spent studying possible interview questions and thinking about your answers. But there are a few key principles to winning answers, even for questions you're not prepared for. We've outlined these principles here, and even provided possible answers to some of the toughest questions an interviewer can wing at you.

The Keys Are:
·Think about the questions you might be asked before the interview and how you could best respond. You can refer to our list of frequently asked interview questions in the last article: 如何准备面试Before the interview. (链接)
·Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions.
·Take time to collect your thoughts before answering.
·Keep your answers short and to the point.

The following are the Answer Suggestions for Tough Questions:

1. The first question is: What can I do for you?
Employers really don't want a straight answer to this question. They know you want a job. Suggested responses, therefore, should tell employers they gain something by employing you. Answers such as "Actually, I'm here to offer you something--loyal and efficient work" or "I think the question is what I can do for you. I'm here to talk about your needs for an expert driver" are good.

2. Second question: Why don't you tell me something about yourself?
Be prepared to talk about your unique qualities. Wind up with something that relates to the job. An example: "I'm a native of Jones County, raised here and educated at Jones Community College. I have a large number of friends who are loyal to me because I get along with almost any type of person. I've met many of my friends while working as a volunteer in the Habitat for Humanity effort in my community, and my experiences there are among the reasons I'd be an excellent construction worker for your company, Mr. (or Ms.) Builder."

3. The third one is: What kind of work are you looking for?
Be as specific as you can with this particular employer. The best answer to this question will be found in the job description you obtained prior to the interview. You can repeat the duties listed for the position for which you're interviewing. Other answers that suggest you want to grow and learn or want to demonstrate your good work ethic would be "I want a job in which I'll be able to produce for the company and grow along with it" or "I want a job where showing up on time and working hard is compensated by a fair wage."

4. The last one is: What do you do best?
This question demands that you praise yourself--something a lot of us are uncomfortable doing. As you prepare for the interview, think through some of your recent successes you can use to give a good answer to this question. It's best if they relate to ways you improved the current business, generated new business, or saved money for the company.

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