Part Two

In this part you will first heat Rose talking to Mr Lefere, who has an appointment with Mr Ballito,the Director, at quarter past ten. Rose checks that Mr Ballito is expecting Mr Lefere and then directs Mr Lefere to Mr Ballito's office.

MR LEFERE:good morning.

ROSE:good morning. Can I help you?

MR LEFERE: Er, yes. I have an appointment with Mr Ballito at quarter past ten.

ROSE: May I have your name please?

MR LEFERE: Paul Lefere ?- from the Inter-national Hotel Group.

ROSE: Thank you. Please take a seat, Mr Lefere,and I'll phone Mr Ballito's office.


OPAL:Mr Ballito's office.

ROSE: Hello, Opal. This is Reception. Mr Lefere is here for his 10:15 appointment.

OPAL: Oh yes Rose. Mr Ballito's expecting him. He is in Room 9 on the first floor.

ROSE: Thanks. (REPLACES PHONE)MR Lefere, would you please go up to Room 9 on the first floor.Mr Ballito's expecting you.

MR LEFERE: Room 9 on the first floor.

ROSE: That's right. The stairs are on the left.

MR LEFERE: Thank you.