A: Hi, what's up?

B: The boss assigned me a GREat task to take Mr. Nash from Keats Company out to dinner this evening.

A: Oh, that company is one of our most important clients. I see why you're worried.

B: The boss said that I have to do a good jib entertaining him. If the guy is not satisfied the boss will kill me.

A: Is the boss going, too?

B: No. Everything will be easy for me if he is going. I was told that Nash is a heavy drinker and chain smoker. It's going to be hard keeping up with him.

A: You shouldn't try. If you drink too much, you might have trouble keeping the conversation going.

B: I'll have trouble in any case. That guy is interested in photographing and butterfly collecting, and wherever he is he likes talking about that. I know nothing about the two things.

A: Why don't you take him to the Rose restaurant? There are a lot of really beautiful hostesses and delicious food there, so you can draw his attention away from photographs and butterflies and make up for the poor quality of the conversation.

B: I have thought of that, but the boss doesn't want to spend much money. He's such a well-known miser.

A: I guess you could pay half the bill out of your pocket.

B: I often end up doing that. I've spent as much as the boss has done entertaining clients.

A: Then the boss should give you a pay raise.

B: He never even thanks me, let alone a pay raise