You're not to cut down my advertising budget again, are you?

I think it's too hard for the average customers to understand the direction.

I have to draw an advertising leaflet for the new product.

What kind of image do you want to convey in the advertisement?

Do you think we should include some performance data?

A picture gives better impression than just a diagram.

Here're the results of the tests on the prototype. You may need them in the ad.

Definitely the advertising budget will have to be cut.

We won't expect the sales will be as high as last year if we're not going to push this product this year.

We're sure the sales will start to recover with the successful advertisement.

They've decided to start a large-scale promotion in summer.

The boss always complains that we've spent so much on advertisements but the results are not satisfying.

There're two opposite opinions. One is to put more into ads, and the other to cut down on ads.

The experts believe that advertising is to condition people's mind.

If the ad is well done, the products of average quality will sell well.

Many companies are spending a lot money on ads when they produce a new products.

Some big companies advertise their products by sponsoring big sports events.

I think sponsorship is better than straight advertising. It's less expensive and tax-free.

It doesn't pay if we spend so much on ads. It's the media that make the biggest profit.