(I=Interviewer, A=Applicant)

Dialogue A

I: where do you live?

A: I live at 265 Nanjing Road, Apt 501, Shanghai.

I: What's your permanent address?

A: My permanent address is 265 Nanjing Road, Apt 501, Shanghai.

I: What is your birthplace?

A: My birthplace is Suzhou.

I: Are you a resident of Shanghai?

A: No.

I: Where is your domicile place?

A: My domicile place is Nanjing.

I: Give me your telephone number, please.

A: (My telephone number is) 58831552.

Dialogue B

I: What's your address?

A: My address is 50 Heping Road, Beijing.

I: Where are you working?

A: I'm working at Wangfu Hotel at 156 Chang'an Road.

I: Where is your hometown.

A: My hometown is Shanghai.

I: Are you a local resident?

A: Yes, I am. I have been living in Beijing since I graduated from university.