(I= Interviewer , A= Applicant)

Dialogue A

I: Would you tell me what educational background you have?

A: Yes, sir. I graduated from middle school in 1990, then I entered Shanghai Polytechnics. I graduated in1996. I have a B.S. deGREe.

I: What department did you study in?

A: I was in Department of Physics.

I: How were your scores at college?

A: They were all excellent.

Dialogue B

I: Which university did you graduate from?

A: Beijing University. I have learned Economics there for four years.

I: Which schools have you attended?

A: I finished primary school in 1990, and entered high school that September. I graduate from high school in July of 1996 and then I entered Beijing University.

I: What's your major in university?

A: Economics. I'm especially interested in "Economic Development of China".

I: What are your major and minor subjects?

A: My major subject is Economics and my minor subject is English.

I: What course did you like best?

A: I was very interested in Business Management. And I think it's very useful for my present work.

I: What do you think is the relationship between the subjects you have taken and the job you are seeking for?

A: I have taken courses on office administration typing, reports and correspondence writing. Besides, I am also taking a Chinese type writing course. I think all these are closely related to the job of a junior secretary because it requires the ability to perform general office works and to assist the manager in handling all paper works.

I: How are you getting on with your studies?

A: I'm doing well at school.

I: Which subject are you least interested in?

A: I think it was Chinese History. Not because the subject was boring, but the large amount of material that have to be memorized. It left no room to appreciate the wisdom of GREat people in the past.

I: When and where did you receive your MBA deGREe?

A: I received my MBA deGREe from Beijing University in 1998.