1. You can have Saturdays and Sundays off.

2. Besides you may have a paid month holiday every year.

3. We would like to start you off at 1500 yuan a month, not including bonus and overtime pay.

4. We don't give bonus every month, but we offer a semi-annual bonuses.

5. And you will receive two weeks' paid vacation a year, as well.

6. Does it suit you?

7. How about vacation?

8. Our girls have a three-week vacation a year.

9. May I ask for an apartment?

10. That's out of question.

11. We'll supply you with an apartment of two bedrooms and a living room.

12. Are you familiar with our pay scale?

13. No, would you please tell me about it?

14. We offer 1% commission on all your sales.

15. You'll also enjoy life insurance and health insurance, a two-week paid vacation a year, a five-day work week.

16. But we do expect you to work overtime when it's necessary.

17. Is that acceptable to you?

18. Yes, that's fine.

19. You'll get bonus at the end of each year.

20. If you are satisfied with the conditions here, please sign on this contract and give it to me.