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The Story of Eros and Psyche爱洛斯和普绪喀的爱情故事

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Beauty that brings misfortune

        Beauty is universally treasured, yet beauty might also bring GREat misfortune.

  Once there were a king and his queen, who had three beautiful daughters. The youngest one, Psyche, is the most beautiful of the three daughters, and people see she were Aphrodite on earth — the goddess of beauty. Men from neighboring countries swarmed to enjoy the sight of her, but none treated her as someone to court1). Therefore, Psyche remains single, started feeling miserable, and began to hate her beauty.

  Meanwhile, the goddess of beauty — Aphrodite disliked this at all, so she instructed her son — the god of love Eros to shoot his lead arrows against the girl, and thus make her fall in love with a worst specimen2) of the human race, who was not born in a noble family, with no wealth, intelligence, character, handsomeness, or courage.


Apollo’s Oracle3)

  In ancient GREece, people felt it necessary to consult the Oracle of Apollo when they were puzzled at their future. Therefore Psyche’s father went to Delphi4), and there he asked where he was to find a husband for his most beautiful daughter, and it declared that Psyche was to marry a horrible monster on the top of a mountain.

  Then Eros came to Psyche’s home with his mother’s instructions. However, he was so attracted by her beauty that in a haste of fulfilling his task, he hurt himself with his golden arrow and fell hopelessly in love with her.

  When the girl and her father determined to do as the Oracle instructed, and went to the foot a mountain, Zephyrus suddenly springing up, lifted her into a valley, and laid her gently on a bed starred with flowers. There she fell asleep, and when she awoke she walked into a nearby wood, and found a wonderfully built palace.

Psyche’s Life on the Mountain                                            


  When Psyche had walked among the many wonders treasured in this fabulous castle, a voice coming from nowhere told her that the castle was hers, and gently invited her to rest in the bedroom while she waited for her bath and the wedding banquet5).

  When the banquet was over, she heard the gentle whisper of her unknown husband, as he was climbing into bed with her. But her husband left her, just before daybreak. And in this way night after night her husband paid her visit, without ever showing himself.

  Meanwhile, Psyche's sisters started searching for her. When Psyche knew this, she cried to his husband that she would die unless she were allowed to see her sisters, her husband reluctantly6) aGREed, though he knew that her sisters were wicked women.

  Next day the Zephyrus brought Psyche's sisters to the castle. They started to feel miserably jealous as soon as they arrived and saw the wonderful home of Psyche.

  And they conspired7) to trick Psyche and urged her to look at her husband, saying that her husband was really a hissing8) serpent9). Psyche, out of curiosity, determined to follow her sisters’ instructions, went back to her room, and when Eros was in his sound sleep, she raised the lamp…


The Truth is Discovered

  But there was no poisonous snake; the sweet and beautiful god of love was gently sleeping.

  Examining his weapons, Psyche pulled an arrow, but carelessly pierced the skin. She fell in love with her husband. In a hurry she dropped a drop of oil on Eros’ shoulder and out of pain he flew away from the window.

  Finding that she was already pregnant and deeply in love with Eros, Psyche reGREtted about her doings, so she came to Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite gave Psyche some impossible tasks. However, with the help of several gods, Psyche accomplished all the tasks.

  Then Aphrodite gave Psyche the final task: to go to Queen Persephone in the Underworld and bring the beauty box back to Aphrodite.

  Persephone gave her the beauty box but warned her not to open it. But as before Psyche could not retain her curiosity, also she wanted to take a tiny touch of the beauty, she opened the box, but out crept not beauty but truly Stygian10) sleep, and she falling to the ground, she lay like a corpse11).

  Now Psyche would have slept for ever, had not Eros, now recovered from his sickness, come to shut the cloud of sleep up again in the box and roused Psyche with the harmless prick of an arrow (but artists prefer it to be kiss). Zeus was moved by the love between them and granted Psyche immortality, Aphrodite also forgave her, so they lived happily on Olympus.






























* 熟悉神话中的名字

1. Eros, 爱洛斯,希腊爱神。罗马艺术作品中一般把他描绘成长翅膀的小男孩,并把他作为生命的象征,雕刻在石棺上,英语文化中他常以此形象出现;而希腊人把他当成最英俊、最可爱的青年男子,他的雕塑则往往被放在sports/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>体育馆作为男子汉完美形体的象征。爱洛斯的箭分两种,一种是锋利的金箭,尾部饰白鸽翎,此箭能激发男女爱欲;一种为蠢钝的铅箭,尾部装乌鸦翎,此箭则令人彼此漠视。如果是小写的eros,则一般强调爱的欲念的一面(经常在旧小说中被翻译成“爱乐死”);由此衍生的词有:erotic (色情的)。罗马人从希腊神话中借鉴了这个人物,并叫他“Cupid(丘比特)”(因为拉丁语中cupido的意思为欲望)。

2. Psyche:普绪喀。古希腊神话中,她的形象是一只蝴蝶。在古典神话中,该词的意思是“Soul(灵魂)”;在日常生活中,引申为“人类的灵魂,精神,心志”;由此派生出的词有“Psychology(心理学), Psychoanalysis(心理分析)”。

3. Zephyrus:西风之神。希腊神话中,四个方向的风分别由四位神人掌管,其他三个方向的风神分别是:Boreas北风之神;Eurus东风之神;Notus南风之神。西方文学中,出现的比较多的是西风之神和北风之神。

4. Muse:缪斯,九位分管文艺和科学的女神的通称,都是主神宙斯的女儿。她们出生在奥林匹斯山麓的庇厄里亚斯,因此又称为庇厄里亚斯的女神。她们把阿波罗奉为自己的保护神和领袖。今天的音乐(Music)一词即来源于此。

5. Styx:冥河。希腊神话中通往冥间的黑色的河,具有神奇的魔力。希腊神话中的Achilles(大英雄阿基硫斯)正是因为在此河中洗澡,才获得了刀枪不入的魔力。而由于脚踝没有洗到,脚踝就变成了他的致命弱点。

1. court [kC:t] v. 追求,求爱

2. specimen [5spesimin, -mEn] n.【非正式用语】个人;一个人

3. Oracle [5CrEkl] n. (古希腊)神谕

4. Delphi [5delfai] n. 特尔斐,希腊古都,因Apollo(太阳神)的神殿而著称

5. banquet [5bANkwit] n. 宴会

6. reluctantly [ri5lQktEntli] adv. 不情愿地

7. conspire [kEn5spaiE] v. 共谋,阴谋

8. hissing [`hIsIN] n. 发嘶嘶声

9. serpent [5sE:pEnt] n. 大毒蛇,阴险的人

10. Stygian [5stIdVIEn] adj. 地狱的, 阴暗的

11. corpse [kC:ps] n. 尸体



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