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1 1信息经济 IT economy1 1外向型经济 export-oriented economy1 1 1 1信息时代 information age1 1全球化 globalization (全球性globality)1 1 1 1信誉风险 reputational risk1 1风险评级 risk rating1 1到期不还贷 default on a loan1 1资不抵债 insolvency; be insolvent1 1亚洲金融危机 Asian financial crisis (1997-98)1 1投资(贷款)组合 investment (loan) portfolio1 1外汇储备充足 sufficient foreign exchange reserves1 1中国金融业问题 problems with financial sector in China1 1储蓄比例过高 the excessively large proportion of savings in the money supply1 1国有企业产负债率过高 high leverage ratio of the state-owned enterprises,1 1国有独资商业银行不良资产比例过高 high ratio of non-performing loans of the state commercial banks1 1少数中小存款金融机构不能支付到期债务 insolvency of a handful of small and medium-sized financial institutions1 1不良贷款 non-performing loans1 1防范和化解金融风险 address financial risks1 1提高企业借贷和行使民事责任的能力 improve enterprises’ creditworthiness and ability to fulfil their civil liabilities1 1监事会 supervisory board1 1实行谨慎会计制度 adopt prudential accounting standards1 1五级分类法划分贷款质量 the five-category asset classification approach1 1金融资产管理公司 financial asset management companies1 1分离和收回不良资产 substantially reduce the ratio of non-performing assets1 1分业管理、规模经营 business seGREgation, economy of scale1 1规范金融机构市场退出制度 improve the market exit mechanism for financial institutions1 1 1 1政策性银行 state policy-related bank1 1国家发展银行 State Development Bank1 1 1 1知识经济 knowledge-based economy1 1网络经济 Internet-based networked economy1 1 1 1指导性计划 guidance plan1 1社会主义市场经济(中国) socialist market economy1 1社会市场经济(德国) social market economy1 1新经济(美国) new economy1 1 1 1中国光大银行 Everbright Bank of China1 1中国民声银行 China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd.1 1中信实业银行 CITIC Industrial Bank1 1 1 1中国进出口银行 China EXIM Bank1 1汇丰银行 Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HKSBC)1 1金融监管 financial supervision1 1中国人民银行法 Law of the People’s Bank of China1 1商业银行法 Law of Commercial Banks1 1保险法 Law of Insurance1 1证券法 Law of Securities1 1巴塞尔原则 Basel Core Principles1 1监管对象的行为有问题、管理机制不健全 problems of supervised entities’ behavior and the unsound internal governance mechanism1 1风险意识 consciousness of risk prevention1 1事前监管 proactive regulation and supervision1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1account number 帐目编号1 1depositor 存户1 1pay-in slip 存款单1 1a deposit form 存款单1 1a banding machine 自动存取机1 1to deposit 存款1 1deposit receipt 存款收据1 1private deposits 私人存款1 1certificate of deposit 存单1 1deposit book, passbook 存折1 1credit card 信用卡1 1principal 本金1 1overdraft, overdraw 透支1 1to counter sign 双签1 1to endorse 背书1 1endorser 背书人1 1to cash 兑现1 1to honor a check 兑付1 1to dishonor a check 拒付1 1to suspend payment 止付1 1check 支票1 1check book 支票本1 1order check 记名支票1 1bearer check 不记名支票1 1crossed check 横线支票1 1blank check 空白支票1 1rubber check 空头支票1 1check stub, counterfoil 票根1 1cash check 现金支票1 1traveler's check 旅行支票1 1check for transfer 转帐支票1 1outstanding check 未付支票1 1canceled check 已付支票1 1forged check 伪支票1 1Bandar's note 庄票,银票1 1banker 银行家1 1president 行长1 1savings bank 储蓄银行1 1Chase Bank 大通银行1 1National City Bank of New York 花旗银行1 1Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation 汇丰银行1 1Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China 麦加利银行1 1Banque de I'Indo Chine 东方汇理银行1 1central bank, national bank, banker's bank 中央银行1 1bank of issue, bank of circulation 发行币银行1 1commercial bank 商业银行,储蓄信贷银行1 1member bank, credit bank 储蓄信贷银行1 1discount bank 贴现银行1 1exchange bank 汇兑银行1 1requesting bank 委托开证银行1 1issuing bank, opening bank 开证银行1 1advising bank, notifying bank 通知银行1 1negotiation bank 议付银行1 1confirming bank 保兑银行1 1paying bank 付款银行1 1associate banker of collection 代收银行1 1consigned banker of collection 委托银行1 1clearing bank 清算银行1 1local bank 本地银行1 1domestic bank 国内银行1 1overseas bank 国外银行1 1unincorporated bank 钱庄1 1branch bank 银行分行1 1trustee savings bank 信托储蓄银行1 1trust company 信托公司1 1financial trust 金融信托公司1 1unit trust 信托投资公司1 1trust institution 银行的信托部1 1credit department 银行的信用部1 1commercial credit company(discount company) 商业信贷公司(贴现公司)1 1neighborhood savings bank, bank of deposit 街道储蓄所1 1credit union 合作银行1 1credit bureau 商业兴信所1 1self-service bank 无人银行1 1land bank 土地银行1 1construction bank 建设银行1 1industrial and commercial bank 工商银行1 1bank of communications 交通银行1 1mutual savings bank 互助储蓄银行1 1post office savings bank 邮局储蓄银行1 1mortgage bank, building society 抵押银行1 1industrial bank 实业银行1 1home loan bank 家宅贷款银行1 1reserve bank 准备银行1 1chartered bank 特许银行1 1corresponding bank 往来银行1 1merchant bank, accepting bank 承兑银行1 1investment bank 投资银行1 1import and export bank (EXIMBANK) 进出口银行1 1joint venture bank 合资银行1 1money shop, native bank 钱庄1 1credit cooperatives 信用社1 1clearing house 票据交换所1 1public accounting 公共会计1 1business accounting 商业会计1 1cost accounting 成本会计1 1depreciation accounting 折旧会计1 1computerized accounting 电脑化会计1 1general ledger 总帐1 1subsidiary ledger 分户帐1 1cash book 现金出纳帐1 1cash account 现金帐1 1journal, day-book 日记帐,流水帐1 1bad debts 坏帐1 1investment 投资1 1surplus 结余1 1idle capital 游资1 1economic cycle 经济周期1 1economic boom 经济繁荣1 1economic recession 经济衰退1 1economic depression 经济萧条1 1economic crisis 经济危机1 1economic recovery 经济复苏1 1inflation 通货膨胀1 1deflation 通货收缩1 1devaluation 货币贬值1 1revaluation 货币增值1 1international balance of payment 国际收支1 1favorable balance 顺差1 1adverse balance 逆差1 1hard currency 硬通货1 1soft currency 软通货1 1international monetary system 国际货币制度1 1the purchasing power of money 货币购买力1 1money in circulation 货币流通量1 1note issue 纸币发行量1 1national budget 国家预算1 1national gross product 国民生产总值1 1public bond 公债1 1stock, share 股票1 1debenture 债券1 1treasury bill 国库券1 1debt chain 债务链1 1direct exchange 直接(对角)套汇1 1indirect exchange 间接(三角)套汇1 1cross rate, arbitrage rate 套汇汇率1 1foreign currency (exchange) reserve 外汇储备1 1foreign exchange fluctuation 外汇波动1 1foreign exchange crisis 外汇危机1 1discount 贴现1 1discount rate, bank rate 贴现率1 1gold reserve 黄金储备1 1money (financial) market 金融市场1 1stock exchange 股票交易所1 1broker 经纪人1 1commission 佣金1 1bookkeeping 簿记1 1bookkeeper 簿记员1 1an application form 申请单1 1bank statement 对帐单1 1letter of credit 信用证1 1strong room, vault 保险库1 1equitable tax system 等价税则1 1specimen signature 签字式样1 1banking hours, business hours 营业时间1 1 1 1share, equity, stock 股票、股权1 1 1 1negotiable share 可流通股份1 1 1 1treasury /government bond 国库券/政府债券1 1 1 1closed-end securities investment fund 封闭式证券投资基金1 1 1 1open-end securities investment fund 开放式证券投资基金1 1 1 1market capitalization 市值1 1 1 1mark-to-market 逐日盯市1 1 1 1clearing and settlement 清算/结算1 1 1 1put / call option 看跌/看涨期权1 1 1 1rights issue/offering 配股1 1 1 1ADR(American Depository Receipt)美国存托凭证/存股证1 1 1 1GDR(Global Depository Receipt) 全球存托凭证/存股证1 1 1 1institutional investor 机构投资者1 1 1 1proprietary trading 自营1 1 1 1market manipulation 市场CAO纵1 1 1 1IPO(Initial Public Offering)新股初始公开发行1 1 1 1securities 证券1 1 1 1premium 溢价1 1 1 1share capital 股本1 1 1 1composite index 综合指数1 1 1 1capital market 资本市场1 1 1 1liquidity 流通性1 1 1 1highly-leveraged institutions(HLI) 高杠杆交易机构1 1 1 1subscribe 申购1 1 1 1underwriter承销商1 1 1 1road show 路演1 1 1 1primary market 一级市场1 1 1 1information disclosure 信息披露1 1 1 1blue chips 蓝筹股1 1 1 1gilt-edged bond 金边债券1 1 1 1rating agency 评级机构1 1 1 1credit trading 信用交易1 1 1 1open/close a position 建/平仓1 1 1 1bond, debenture, debts 债券1 1 1 1convertible bond 可转换债券1 1 1 1corporate bond 企业债券1 1 1 1fund manager 基金经理/管理公司1 1 1 1fund custodian bank 基金托管银行1 1 1 1p/e (price/earning) ratio 市盈率1 1 1 1payment versus delivery 银券交付1 1 1 1commodity/financial derivatives 商品/金融衍生产品1 1 1 1margins, collateral 保证金1 1 1 1bonus share 红股1 1 1 1dividend 红利/股息1 1 1 1retail / private investor 个人投资者/散户1 1 1 1broker/dealer 券商1 1 1 1insider trading/dealing 内幕交易1 1 1 1prospectus招股说明书1 1 1 1merger and acquisition收购兼并1 1 1 1warrant 认股权证1 1 1 1raised capital/proceeds 筹资1 1 1 1component index 成份指数1 1 1 1turnover rate 换手率1 1 1 1monetary market 货币市场1 1 1 1hedge fund 对冲基金1 1 1 1self-regulatory organization(SRO)自律组织1 1 1 1issuer 发行人1 1 1 1intermediary 中介机构1 1 1 1secondary listing 第二上市1 1 1 1secondary market 二级市场1 1 1 1controlling shareholder 控股股东1 1 1 1red chips红筹股1 1 1 1junk bond 立即债券1 1 1 1securities loan 融券1 1 1 1financing 融资1 1 


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