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 Just one generation ago someone like Kate Middleton would have been tasered for getting too close to the British Royal family.

1一代人以前,像如今的准王妃凯特米德尔顿这样出身的人如果和英国皇室走的太近,一定会成为众矢之的。1 1So when Clarence House relaxed their stun guns and let their future king propose to a 'commoner', Britain awoke in a postmodern-like daze where realities became relative and class boundaries blurred.1所以,当皇室放下戒备,接受他们未来的国王向一位“平民”求婚时,整个英国晕眩得似乎进入了后现代时期,现实不再那么绝对,阶级界限也渐渐模糊。1 1The only problem with such superb forward thinking is that the Royal Family is still very much backward and old fashioned when it comes to some matters, namely rules and etiquette.1不过,虽然皇室的思想慢慢变的现代前卫,但在某些方面,其观念仍然非常传统,比如关于规矩和礼节。1 1And as the first normal woman to enter the Windsor fold, Kate will feel the changes to her life on a higher level than many past princesses.1作为第一位入主温莎城堡的平民王妃,凯特将会体验到前人无法领略的各种巨大变化。1 1Here are ten things the bride-to-be will no longer be allowed to do once she walks down the GREen Mile–ahem, aisle–in westminster:1当她迈入威斯敏斯特教堂后,准王妃就要和以下十件事说再见了:1 11. Be referred to as 'Kate' 被称呼为“凯特”1When Kate Middleton joins the House of Windsor this year, her official title will become 'Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales'. She can be addressed as 'Catherine' or 'Ma'am' (pronounced like 'ham'). But 'Kate' isn't going to cut it anymore by Royal standards.1一旦成为王妃,凯特就不再是“凯特”,而是“尊敬的威尔士威廉王妃陛下”。要么称呼她为“凯瑟琳”,要么称呼为“女士”,想一想,都木有人再叫自己的昵称了,也挺悲凉的哦?1 12. Vote 投票1Technically, the Queen and other members of her family are allowed to vote, but they do not do so because in practice it would be considered unconstitutional and not in accordance with the need for neutrality.1为了公正起见,王室成员一般也不再参与各种投票。想想也是,要是威廉王子投个啥票表个啥意见,还不得有一窝蜂的女同胞们跟风啊!1 1 1 13. Run for political office 从政1For the reasons stated above, this is also a no no.1这个自然,谁当了皇室成员还会想去从政……连首相都是为乃们服务的啊!1 14. Escape the scrutiny 逃离群众视线1As arguably Britain's most dysfunctional family, the Monarchy provides the British public with a generous source of voyeuristic entertainment, and an opportunity for heartless slander.Having already been under the media spotlight for the best part of nine years, Kate has copped her fair share of criticism from the media over the most mundane and insignificant of things.1英国皇室永远都是人们茶余饭后的谈资,各种八卦各种诽谤永远不绝于耳。在和威廉王子爱情长跑的这九年,凯特一定深有体会,有关她的啥鸡毛蒜皮的小事都能被拿出来说,真可怜T_T 1 1This scrutiny will grow existentially and extend to all aspects of her life. Did you know the Middleton family can only trace their roots back to the mid 1500s? So what were they up to in 1413 then? They must be hiding something.1不过,一旦正式成为王妃,人们对她的关注只会变本加厉。这不就有人八卦,说米德尔顿家族的历史只能追溯到16世纪中期,那么1413年他们在做啥?一定是在遮掩什么!真够无聊的= =1 15. Play Monopoly 玩大富翁1In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, said that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home "because it gets too vicious". No member of the family has yet revealed what they play in its place during the christmas holidays.12008年,约克公爵安德鲁王子就曾透露,皇室成员是不能玩大富翁游戏的,因为“那太邪恶了”。不玩大富翁,那乃们圣诞节玩神马涅?16. Say or do anything controversial 任何有争议的举动1This includes accepting large amounts of money from 'businessmen' for access to your husband and getting your toes sucked in public by your financial adviser. You know who you are, Fergs. So far she has succeeded seamlessly in this, not putting a foot wrong in any situation. Granted though, the world has only heard her speak once after her and William's engagement and that was a heavily rehearsed affair.1作为皇室代表,在公共场合行为不当是大忌,出个小糗立马就能上报纸头条。到目前为止,准王妃的一切举动都非常得体,不过细想一下,她也仅仅有过一次公共发言哦,还是经过严格排练的,以后如何,咱们还是坐等八卦吧!1 17. Eat shellfish 吃贝类1British Royals are apparently never served shellfish, because of a fear of food poisoning. So if Kate can't live without crustaceans, she will have to seek them out in her own time.1皇室从来不吃贝类,因为害怕被下毒= =如果准王妃实在想吃的话,只能偷偷的吃喽^^1 1 1 18. Work 工作1It is well known that Royals and careers don't mix well. As proven when Prince Charles' plan to work part time in a factory failed. At 29 years of age Kate is the oldest spinster ever to marry a future king, and though she has a History of Art deGREe and years of life experience, Kate has spurned work wherever possible. This is unless you count seven months as a casual accessories buyer for clothing chain Jigsaw and a short time working for the family company, Party Pieces.1众所周知,皇室成员不工作,之前查尔斯王子就曾想去工厂干活来着,最后被否决了。尽管这位准王妃有着大学文凭,但她还是乖乖在家挑选配饰、搭配衣服神马的吧。对女同胞来说,表太幸福哦!1 19. Sign anything unofficial 非正式文件签名1As a potential future counsellor of state if William becomes king, Kate might at some stage have to sign government papers and brings legislation into force in her husband's place. People in this position are strictly not supposed to sign anything that could lead to their signature being copied and forged.1当了王妃连签名都不是闹着玩的了,不然被人复制,拿去伪造什么文件就麻烦了= =不能签名的名人算神马名人嘛!1 110. Finish her dinner 好好吃完一顿饭1If she is a slower eater than her grandmother-in-law, Kate could go hungry. In Britain, when the Queen stops eating, you stop as well, fork in hand.1皇室有规矩,女王陛下就餐完毕后,不管你吃没吃完,任何人都不能再动嘴。所以如果准王妃吃饭速度比老太太慢,那就杯具了,想好好吃顿饭都不行……伤不起啊!有木有!!1 1 


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