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 [1] Les Choristes 放牛班的春天


On 15 January 1949, the former music teacher Clément Mathieu (Gérard Jugnot) arrives in


"Fond de l' Etang" ("Bottom of the Well"), a boarding school for orphans and problematic boys,


to work as an inspector. The place is administrated with iron fist by the cruel director Rachin (François


Berléand), and most of the boys have severe punishments for their faults.


Clément decides to teach the boys to sing in a choir in their spare time, and identify the musical potential


of the rebel Pierre Morhange (Jean-Baptiste Maunier), the son of a beautiful single mother for whom he


feels a crush. He also has a special feeling for the young Pépinot (Maxence Perrin), a boy that expects the


visit of his father every Saturday near the gate, but indeed lost his parents in the war. With his methods,


Clément changes the lives of the boys, of the other employees and his own.


1949年的法国乡村,音乐家克莱门特(杰勒德·尊诺 饰)到了一间外号叫“塘低”的男子寄宿学校当助理教师。


学校里的学生大部分都是难缠的问题儿童,体罚在这里司空见惯,学校的校长(弗朗西斯·贝尔兰德 饰)








然而,事情并不顺利,克莱门特发现学生皮埃尔·莫安琦(尚·巴堤·莫里耶 饰)拥有非同一般的音乐天赋,但是






[2] Joe Somebody 叫我第一名


Joe Scheffer (Tim Allen) is a recently divorced single parent, and a talented audio/visual specialist at


STARKePharmeceuticals, his place of employment. One day Joe pulls into the parking lot at work to find


his co-worker Mark McKinney (Patrick Warburton) parking in a spot that has been reserved for those who


have worked for the company for 10 years. However, McKinney has only worked there for 7 years. When


Joe confronts McKinney about this, McKinney assaults him in front of his young daughter Natalie (Hayden




Joe falls into a state of depression until Meg Harper (Julie Bowen), the Wellness Coordinator at STARKe,


accidentally ignites a fuse in him when, in a fit of frustration, she asks Joe, "What do you want?" Joe is


suddenly stirred to action by this question, and decides he wants a rematch to reclaim his dignity and


self-respect, which he felt McKinney took from him...




















[3] Freedom Writers 街头日记


The storyline with the movie takes place between 1994, beginning with scenes from the 1992 Los


Angeles riots. Swank plays the role of Erin Gruwell, a new, excited schoolteacher who leaves the


safety of her hometown, Newport Beach, to teach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach,


a formerly high achieving school which has recently put an integration plan in place. Her enthusiasm


is rapidly challenged when she realizes that her class are all "at-risk" high school students, also known


as "unteachables", and not the eager college students she was expecting.


The high school students assimilate into racial groups in the classroom, fights break out, and eventually


most of the high school students stop attending class. Not only does Gruwell meet opposition from her


high school students, but she also has a difficult time with her department head, who refuses to let her


teach her high school students with books in case they get damaged and lost, and instead tells her to


focus on training them discipline and obedience.


爱林(希拉里·斯万克 Hilary Swank饰)从事的第一份教育工作,就是在威尔逊学校一个糟糕透顶的班级














4] Mona Lisa Smile 蒙娜丽莎的微笑


In 1953, Katherine Ann Watson (Julia Roberts), a 30-something grad student from California, takes


a position teaching "History of Art" at Wellesley College, a conservative women's private liberal arts


college in Massachusetts because she wants to make a difference and influence the next generation


of women.


At her first class, Katherine discovers that the girls have already memorized the entire syllabus from


the textbook so she instead uses the classes to introduce them to Modern Art and encourages spirited


classroom discussions about topics such as what makes good art and what the Mona Lisa's smile


means. This brings her into conflict with the conservative College President who warns Katherine to


stick to the syllabus if she wants to keep her job...
















[5] Dead Poets Society 死亡诗社


Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke), Knox Overstreet (Josh Charles),


Charlie Dalton (Gale Hansen), Richard Cameron (Dylan Kussman), Steven Meeks (Allelon Ruggiero),


and Gerard Pitts (James Waterston) are senior students of the Welton Academy prep school, whose


ethos is defined by the headmaster Gale Nolan (Norman Lloyd) as "tradition, honour, discipline and


excellence". Both Neil and Todd are under harsh parental pressure to become a doctor and a lawyer


respectively, but Todd wants to be a writer.


The teaching methods of their new English teacher, John Keating (Robin Williams), are unorthodox by


Welton standards, whistling the 1812 Overture and taking them out of the classroom to focus on the idea


of carpe diem. He tells the students that they may call him "O Captain! My Captain!," in reference to a


Walt Whitman poem, if they feel daring. In another class, Keating has Neil read the introduction to their


poetry textbook, prescribing a mathematical formula to rate the quality of poetry which Keating finds


ridiculous, and he instructs his pupils to rip the introduction out of their books, to the amazement of


one of his colleagues.


Later he has the students stand on his desk in order to look at the world in a different way. Inspired by


Keating, the boys secretly revive a school literary club, the titular "Dead Poets Society," to which Keating


had belonged, meeting in a cave in the school grounds.




新学期文学老师John Keating(Robin Williams)的到来如同一阵春风,一反传统名校的严肃刻板。










Professor Keating, Mr. Keating, Captain Keating, 他的教育宛若春风化雨,润物无声的留在每个人心里……


[6] Nuovo cinema Paradiso 天堂电影院


A boy who GREw up in a native Sicilian Village returns home as a famous director after receiving news


about the death of an old friend. Told in a flashback, Salvatore reminiscences about his childhood and


his relationship with Alfredo, a projectionist at Cinema Paradiso. Under the fatherly influence of Alfredo,


Salvatore fell in love with film making, with the duo spending many hours discussing about films and


Alfredo painstakingly teaching Salvatore the skills that became a stepping stone for the young boy


into the world of film making.


The film brings the audience through the changes in cinema and the dying trade of traditional film making,


editing and screening. It also explores a young boy's dream of leaving his little town to foray into the world




意大利南部小镇,古灵精怪的小男孩多多(萨瓦特利·卡西欧 饰)喜欢看电影,更喜欢看放映师艾佛特


(菲力普·诺雷 饰)放电影,他和艾佛特成为了忘年之交,在胶片中找到了童年生活的乐趣。好心的艾佛特






多多(马尔科·莱奥纳尔迪 饰)渐渐长大,他爱上了银行家的女儿艾莲娜(艾萨·丹尼埃利 饰)。初恋的纯










[7] Music of the Heart 弦动我心


Inspired by the true story of the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music and 'Small Wonders', a 1996 documentary


about the school, the film opens with violinist Roberta having been deserted by her US Navy husband and


feeling devastated, almost suicidal. Encouraged by her mother, she attempts to rebuild her life and a friend


from student days recommends her to the head teacher of a school in the tough New York area of East Harlem.


Despite a deGREe in music education, she has little experience in actual music teaching, but she's taken on


as a substitute violin teacher. With a combination of toughness and determination, she inspires a group of


kids, and their initially skeptical parents. The program slowly develops and attracts publicity.














[8] good Will Hunting 心灵捕手


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck co-scripted and star in this drama, set in Boston and Cambridge, about


rebellious 20-year-old MIT janitor Will Hunting (Damon), gifted with a photographic memory, who hangs


out with his South Boston bar buddies, his best friend Chuckie (Affleck), and his affluent British girlfriend


Skylar (Minnie Driver). After MIT professor Lambeau (Stellan Skarsgard) stumps students with a


challenging math formula on a hallway blackboard, Will anonymously leaves the correct solution,


prompting Lambeau to track the elusive young genius.


As Will's problems with the police escalate, Lambeau offers an out, but with two conditions -- visits to


a therapist and weekly math sessions. Will aGREes to the latter but refuses to cooperate with a succession


of therapists. Lambeau then contacts his former classmate, therapist Sean McGuire (Robin Williams),


an instructor at Bunker Hill Community College. Both are equally stubborn, but Will is finally forced to


deal with both his past and his future.
















[9] School of Rock 摇滚校园


The world's least-employable heavy metal guitarist is entrusted with the minds of upstate New York's


best and brightest in this fish-out-of-water comedy. Jack Black plays Dewey Finn, axe-bearer for a


fitfully successful bar band determined to win a regional battle-of-the-bands competition. There's


only one thing standing in their way: the self-indulgent solos and crowd-diving antics of their


"embarrassing" lead guitarist.


When his band votes him out in favor of a would-be rock god, Dewey has to make the rent somehow,


and after intercepting a call for his substitute-teacher roomie Ned (Mike White), the pot-bellied slacker


finds himself in front of a class of elite elementary school students. At a loss for a lesson plan, Dewey


takes offense at the pre-teen prodigies' staid musical regimen and makes it his goal to preach them


the gospel of The Who, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC -- with the ulterior motive of getting them to compete


against his former band for a cash prize.


But no matter how willing his pupils, Dewey runs up against the consternation of the school's stern


headmistress Principal Mullins (Joan Cusack), the battle-of-the-bands' promoter (Frank Whaley), and


not least, his identity-deprived roomie Ned.


杜威·费恩(Jack Black 杰克·布莱克 饰)是一名已过而立之年,却仍在为理想打拼的摇滚音乐人。他不屑






杜威的男房东兼老友内德·斯尼勃利(Mike White 麦克·怀特 饰)此前曾是狂热躁动的死亡摇滚乐手,如今










[10] Red Like The Sky 听见天堂


Cristiano Bortone's inspirational Italian-language drama Red Like the Sky recounts the incredible true


story of the early life of blind sound editor Mirco Mencacci. The victim of a freak childhood accident in


1970 that robbed him permanently of his sight, Mencacci is shipped off to a Genoan boarding school


for Catholic boys, per the stipulations of the Italian government. Not one to be daunted or repressed,


Mirco forges a heartwarming friendship with the daughter of the school gatekeeper; the two abscond


together, via her bicycle, on a series of secret trips to the closest cinema.


Meanwhile, at the school, Mirco also begins recording his own sound dramas with the school's tape


recorder and the use of audio books in the institution's library. In time, the innovative young man invites


other students to participate, who eagerly accept, and Mirco uses the activity to help each fellow student


identify his own innate gifts and pursue his dreams. But when he leads a cadre of boys on a covert


expedition to the cinema, the school administrators take swift and decisive action.













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