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    1. 一代霸主诺基亚


  Nokia is dead. Shareholders are just waiting for an undertaker. The world's largest handset company has


one asset: Nokia sold 25% of the global total of 428 million units sold in the first quarter. Its problem is that in the


industry, the company is viewed as a falling knife. Its market share in the same quarter of 2010 was nearly 31%.


The arguments that Nokia will not stay independent are numerous. It has a very modest presence in the rapidly-


growing smartphone industry which is dominated by Apple, Research In Motion's Blackberry, HTC, and Samsung.


Nokia runs the outdated Symbian operating system and is in the process of changing to Microsoft Window mobile


OS which has a tiny share of the market。












  2. Soap Opera杂志


  The magazine's future has been ruined by two trends. The first is the number of cancellations of soap operas.


Long-lived shows which include "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" have been canceled and replaced by talk


show, which are less expensive to air. The other insurmountable challenge is the wide availability of details on


soap operas online. Some of the shows even have their own fan sites。


  这份杂志的未来主要受限于两个趋势。第一个趋势是大部分连续剧的解约。那些长期受欢迎的“All my children”


和“One life to live”都已经被解约,之后被脱口秀所替代,这些节目更为便宜。另外一个无法被超越的原因在于有了




  3. Myspace社交网络


  MySpace, once the world's largest social network, died a long time ago. It will be buried soon. News Corp


(NYSE: NWS) bought MySpace and its parent in 2005 for $580 million which was considered inexpensive at


the time based on the web property's size. MySpace held the top spot among social networks based on visitors


from mid-2006 until mid-2008 according to several online research services. It was overtaken by Facebook at


that point。








  4. Corn Pops爆米花制造商


  The cereal business is not what is used to be, at least for products that are not considered "healthy."


Sales of the brand dropped 18% over the year that ended in April, down to $74 million. That puts it well


behind brands like Cheerios and Frosted Flakes each which have sales of over $200 million a year. Private


label sales have also hurt sales of branded cereals. Revenues in this category were $637 million over the


same April-end period. There is also profit margin pressure on Corn Pops because of the sharp increase


in corn prices。




降了18%,成为7400万。这个销售量的结果就是Corn pops在销售量上已经落后Frosted Flakes和Cheerios了,


这些公司的销售额都超过2亿美元。私人玉米花的售卖同样损害到了Corn pop的生意。去年同期这个行业的


收入是6.37亿元。玉米的价格同样对于Corn pop的边际利润造成了影响。


  5. 索尼爱立信手机制造商


  In a period when smartphone sales worldwide are rising in the double digits and sales of the iPhone


double year over year, Sony Ericsson's unit sales dropped from 97 million in 2008 to 43 million last year.


New competitors like HTC now outsell Sony Ericsson by widening numbers. Sony Ericsson management


expects several more quarters of falling sales and the company has laid off thousands of people. There


have been rumors, backed by logic, that Sony will take over the operation, rebrand the handsets with its


name, and market them in tandem with its PS3 consoles and VAIO PCs。











  6. 西尔斯超市


  The company had a net loss of $170 million. Sears Holdings was created by a merger of the parents


of the two chains on March 24, 2005. The operation has been a disaster ever since. The company has


tried to run 4,000 stores which operate across the US and Canada. Neither Sears nor Kmart have done


well recently, but Sears' domestic locations same store numbers were off 5.2% in the first quarter and


Kmart's were down 1.6%. Last year domestic comparable store sales declined 1.6% in the total, with


an increase at Kmart of 0.7% and a decline at Sears Domestic of 3.6%. D'Ambrosio needs to pull a


rabbit out of his hat soon. Shares are down 55% during the last five years。












  7. 美国服饰公司


  American Apparel posted a net loss in 2008 of $21 million. Comparable store sales have flattened, which


means the firm likely will continue to post losses. American Apparel is also almost certainly under gross margin


pressure because of the rise in cotton prices. The retailer raised $14.9 million in April by selling shares at a


discount of 43% to a group of private investors led by Canadian financier Michael Serruya and Delavaco Capital.


It is a small, under-funded player in a market with very large competitors with healthy balance sheets. It does not


help matters that the company's founder and CEO, Dov Charney, has been a defendant in several lawsuits filed


by former employees alleging sexual harassment。






月份通过将其股票打四折售出才筹集了1490万美元,买家是加拿大的Michael Serruya and Delacavo公司。






  8. 萨博汽车


  Saab's problem, which GREw under the management of the world's No.1 automobile manufacturer, was


that it was never more than a niche brand in an industry dominated by very large players such as Ford and


Chevrolet. It did not build very inexpensive cars like VW did, or expensive sports cars as Porsche did. Saab's


models were, in price and features, up against models from the world's largest car companies that sold hundreds


of thousands of units each year. Saab also did not have a wide number of models to suit different budgets and


driver tastes. GM decided to jettison the brand in late 2008, and the small company quickly became insolvent.


Saab finally found a buyer in high-end car maker Spyker which took control of the company last year. Spyker


quickly ran low on money because only 32,000 Saabs were sold in 2010. Spyker turned to Chinese industrial


investors for money. Pang Da Automobile aGREed to take an equity stake in the company。














  9. 索尼影音


  Sony has a studio production arm which has nothing to do with its core businesses of consumer electronics


and gaming. Sony bought what was Columbia Tri-Star Picture in 1989 for $3.4 billion. This entertainment operation


has done poorly recently. Sony's fiscal year ends in March, and for the period revenue for the group dropped


15% to $7.2 billion and operating income fell by 10% to $466 million. Sony is in trouble. It lost $3.1 billion in its


latest fiscal on revenue of $86.5 billion. Sony's gaming system group is under siege by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)


and Nintendo. Its consumer electronics group faces an overwhelming challenge from Apple. The company's future


prospects have been further damaged by the Japan earthquake and the hack of its large PlayStation Network。
















  A&W All–American Food restaurants. A&W restaurants is owned by fast food holding company giant


Yum! Brands which has had the firm for sale since January. There have been no buyers. The chain was founded


in 1919. The size of company GREw rapidly, and immediately after WWII 450 franchises were opened. The firm


pioneered the "drive in" fast food format。








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