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“中国达人”诞生 “草根舞王”加冕

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The curtain drew on the second season of China`s Got Talent at the Shanghai Stadium late Sunday night, putting an end to the nearly half-year-long competition – but not before Zhuo Jun`s dreams came true as he was titled "China`s 2011 Talent."
上周日晚,第二季《中国达人秀》在上海sports/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>体育馆落下帷幕,为这场历时近半年的比赛画上句号。几乎是同一时刻,选手卓君梦想成真,获得“2011年中国达人”称号。
With the support of fans from a pool of 30,000 audience members, three judges and 101 members of the media, "robotic dancer" Zhuo has won the chance to compete with fellow talents from the hit show`s series, including ones from Britain`s Got Talent and America`s Got Talent. 

"I don`t chase others, but rather try and compete against myself," said Zhuo, before he was announced the winner last Sunday night.

A native of southern China`s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 19-year-old self-taught break dancer was among the some 50,000 hopefuls vying for the chance at fame in the most populous country in the world, almost quintuple that of contestants who applied for the show`s China debut last year – a reality series that has become as popularized on the Chinese mainland as its stars from the first season, which saw armless piano extraordinaire Liu Wei win the hearts of the nation with his toe-playing abilities. 

That night`s winner, Zhuo accepted the honor after beating out seven other finalists, the most worthy of whom were: Wu Damu, a 12-year-old singer whose lyrics remembering his late mother touched judges and audiences alike; 31-year-old Isaac Hou, a Chinese-American, who impressed the masses by jumping through hoops, literally, and dancing with his "crystal ball"; and Cai Hongping, better known as the "Chinese Susan Boyle," named after the Scottish singer who has reached international success since her appearance on Britain`s 2009 version of the show.

Boyle`s performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" at the stadium that night was GREeted warmly by fans. Donning an electric pink dress, the 49-year-old was charmed to be part of this year`s China`s Got Talent season finale on her first visit to China. 
当晚的sports/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>体育场内,苏珊大妈演绎了《我曾有梦》,得到了粉丝们的热烈回应。49岁的苏珊大妈此次是首次来华,她身着一袭粉红长裙,令全场观众眼前一亮,她本人也为参加今年《中国达人秀》总决赛而感到欣喜不已。

"The people here are friendly," she told audiences. "China is beautiful."

Boyle added that the finalists should try their best, and that if they lose, they, like her – who placed second during Britain`s Got Talent two years ago – should never give up on their dream. 

Shanghai native stand-up comedian Zhou Libo, best known for his stinging jokes about other people and their cultures, was among the panel of judges, which also included Taiwan singer and actress Annie Yi as well as Taiwan musician Jerry Huang. 

Zhou`s advice to the finalists last Sunday night was based on a practice of his own. 

"You have to believe that you are an average person – and that everyone on TV is also an average person," he said. "But, an average person and an outstanding person are just a step apart."

Other notable performances last Sunday night included Razy Gogonea`s signature Matrix-stimulated body-popping act – moves that helped the Romanian garner attention earlier this year on the fifth season of Britain`s Got Talent.
周日晚上的亮点还包括Razy Gogonea的独家黑客帝国霹雳舞表演,该舞步使得这位罗马尼亚人在今年年初举行的第五季《英国达人秀》上备受关注。

Forty-year-old An Dong perhaps equally impressed audiences by "floating in the air," using uncanny acrobatic-like gymnastic techniques. Kungfu Pop, a group of four young male martial arts masters from across the country, combined the ancient art with modern hip-hop music, for a number that also wowed fans at the stadium. 


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