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如果您的价格难以接受,我们的客户就会转向其他的供应商。  If your price is unacceptable, our end-users will turn to other suppliers.

  如果您坚持原来的价格,恐怕您获得这笔交易的可能性极小。  If you insist on your original price, I'm afraid you will have little chance to get the business.

  别的供应商有和这几乎相同的货,价格便宜10%至14%.  Other suppliers have almost identical goods at the price 10% to 14% cheaper.

  市场在萎缩,我们建议你方马上接受。  The market is declining, we recommend your immediate acceptance.

  很高兴我们就价格达成了共识。  I'm glad that weve settled the price.

  非常感谢贵方的努力与合作,希望这只是我们今后业务往来的开端。  I appreciate your efforts and cooperation and hope that this will be the forerunner of other transactions in future.

  您的还价是多少?  Whats your counter-offer?

  不可能,您可能注意到了近年来原材料的价格上涨了。  Its impossible. You may notice that the cost of raw materials has gone up in recent years.

  和国际市场价格相比,我方报价相比较合理。  Compared with the price in the international market, our quotation is quite reasonable.

  恐怕我方报价比您从我方竞争对手那儿得到的报价更优惠。  The price we offered is more favorable than the quotations you can get from our competitors, I'm afraid.

  如果您把质量考虑进去的话,您会发现我方价格是合理的。  If you take quality into consideration, you will find our price reasonable.

  我们保证提供能经得起激烈竞争的高质量产品。  We guarantee quality products which can stand fierce competition.

  就合同方面我还有些问题要问。  I still have some questions concerning our contract.

  我们总是愿意合作的,如果需要还可以做些让步。  We are always willing to cooperate with you and if necessary make some concessions.

  对这些条款有何意见,请尽管提,不必客气。  If you have any comment about these clauses, do not hesitate to make.

  你认为合同有问题吗?  Do you think there is something wrong with the contract?

  我们希望贵方再次考虑我们的要求。  Wed like you to consider our request once again.

  我们希望搞清楚有关合同中技术方面的几个问题。  Wed like to clear up some points connected with the technical part of the contract.

  就合同保方的权利和义务方面的谈判非常成功。  The negotiations on the rights and obligations of the parties under contract turned out to be very successful.

  我们无法同意对合同工的变动和修改。  We cant aGREe with the alterations and amendments to the contract.

  我们希望下一交谈判将是签订合同前的最后一轮谈判。  We hope that the next negotiation will be the last one before signing the contract.

  就合同双方要承担的义务方面,我们没有什么意见。  We dont have any different opinions about the contractual obligations of both parties.

  这是国际惯例,我们不能违背。  Thats international practice. We cant break it.

  我们可以重新考虑修改合同。  We are prepared to reconsider amending the contract.

  我们不得不讨论一下合同的总价格问题。  Well have to discuss about the total contract price.

  你们认为结算方式合适吗?  Do you think the method of payment is OK for you?

  我们很高兴您在解决有关合同的问题上如此具有建设性。  We are really glad to see you so constructive in helping settle the problems as regards the signing of the contract.

  这是我们准备好的两份合同正本。  Here are the two originals of the contract we prepared.

  请仔细阅读合同草案,并就合同各条款提出你的看法好吗?  Would you please read the draft contract and make your moments about the terms?

  合同何时准备好?  When will the contract be ready?

  请会签第156号销售合同一式两份中的一份,将它寄回我方存档。  Please sign a copy of our Sales Contract No.156 enclosed here in duplicate and return to us for our file.

  合同会航邮给你们签字。  The contract will be sent to you by air mail for your signature.

  你不觉得应该仔细检查一下合同,以免遗漏什么吗?  Dont you think it necessary to have a close study of the contract to avoid anything missing?

  我们对合同各项条款全无异议,下周签合同如何?  We have aGREed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?

  所有在运输途中引起的纠纷都将通过友好协商,妥善加以解决。  All disputes arising in the course of the consignment period shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation.

  我们将按合同条款交货。  Well ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.

  你尽管放心,我们将按合同规定如期装船。  You can stay assured that shipment will be effected according to the contract stipulation.

  他们已承诺那300辆自行车的质量和数量一定与合同规定相吻合。  Theyve promised to keep both we quality and the quantity of the 300 bicycles in conformity with the contract stipulations.

  我们确信合同会顺利执行的。  We are sure the contract can be carried out smoothly.

  机器将用最好的材料生产,合同的规定也将得以严格履行。  The machines will be made of the best materials and the stipulations of the contract be strictly observed.

  合同双方有义务履行合同。  The two parties involved in a contract have the obligation to execute the contract.

  除非有什么突然的政局变化,否则执行部分合同不能被接受。  Unless there is a sudden change of political situation, it is not accepted to execute the contract only partially.

  任何违背合同之事都是不利的。  Any deviation from the contract will be unfavorable.

  买主有权撤消合同。  The buyer has the option of cancelling the contract.

  任何背弃合同的行为将受到惩罚,这已在处罚条款里写得很清楚了。  Any kind of backing out of the contract will be charged a penalty as has been stated in the penalty clause.

  由于贵方交货拖延,我方要求取消合同。  We want to cancel the contract because of your delay in delivery.

  如果卖方不能在信用证有效期内交货的话,买方有权单方面取消合同。  The buyer has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally if the seller fails to ship the goods within the L/C validity.

  如果没有什么正当理由,你们不应撕毁合同。  You cannot break the contract without any good reason.

  我们完全有理由取消合同,因为你们没有完成应遵守的合同内容,履行合同。  We have every reason to cancel the contract because youve failed to fulfil your part of it.

  如果一方不履行合同,另一方有权取消合同。  One party is entitled to cancel the contract if the other side cannot execute it.

  一般来讲,合同一经双方签订就不得更改。  Generally speaking, a contract cannot be changed after it has been signed by both parties.

  由于这种难以预料的情况,合同中的有关条款不得不做些修改。  Some relative clauses in the contract have to be amended owing to the unexpected situation.

  这个合同将到期,我们来谈谈新合同的事宜吧。  Since the contract is about to expire, shall we discuss a new one?

  包装直接关系到产品的销售。  Packing has a close bearing on sales.

  包装有助于推销产品。  Packing will help push the sales.

  买方通常很注意包装。  Buyers always pay GREat attention to packing.

  不同商品需要不同的包装。  Different articles require different forms of packing.

  一般来说,买方应承担包装费用。  Buyers, generally speaking, bear the change of packing.

  包装占货物总成本的百分比是多少?  How much does packing take up of the total cost of the goods?

  包装必须很坚固,能承受野蛮装卸。  The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handing.

  坚固的包装可以防止货物在运输途中受到任何损失。  Strong packing will protect the goods from any possible damage during transit.

  纸箱适合海运。  Cartons are seaworthy.

  人们购买这种商品通常用来赠亲友,所以精美高雅的设计至关重要。  This kind of article is often bought as a gift, so exquisite and tasteful design is of prime importance.

  我们很想听听你们在包装方面有什么意见。  Wed like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing.

  有关包装运输唛头的条款你们有什么异议吗?  Do you have nay objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping marks?

  我们将按你方的要求进行包装。  Well pack the goods according to your instruction.

  货物将用细刨花包装,以防损坏。  The goods will be packed in wood wool to prevent damage.

  应采取措施加固纸箱。  Measures should be taken to reinforce the cartons.

  我们非常欢迎大家对包装方面提出建议。  Suggestions on packing are GREatly appreciated.

  许多国外客户已经认可了我们标准化的包装。  Our standardized packing has been approved by many foreign clients.

  必须马上改进包装。  Its urgent to improve the packing.

  包装费用未算在报价中。  Packing charges are excluded in the quoted prices.

  为使损失减少到最低限度,我们对货物的包装足以承受长途海运。  To minimize any possible damage, weve packed our goods in the way to suit for long sea-voyage.

  请报价并说明包装情况。  Please make an offer indicating the packing.

  请保证货物不受潮。  Please make sure that the goods be protected from moisture.

  我们希望你们的设计和颜色对美国人具有巨大吸引力。  We hope your design and the color will be strongly attractive to the American people.

  这种箱子不适合装茶具海运。  This kind of box is not suitable for the transport of the tea sets by sea.

  我们想知道你们如何包装这些真丝衬衫。  We would like to know how you will pack the silk shirts.

  虽然这些纸箱轻便、易拿,但我们认为它们在运输中不太结实。  Although the cartons are light and easy to handle, we think it is not strong enough to be shipped.

  除非你们收到我方代理的特别指示,否则请用正常出口集装箱。  Please use normal export containers unless you receive special instructions from our agents.

  所有包内都有一层防水内衬。  All bags contain an inner waterproof lining.

  如果木条箱两星期内不归还,则每只箱扣罚五美元。  The crates are charge to you at $5 each if they are not returned to us within 2 weeks.

  坚固的木箱和箱内严密的填充可防止木箱受震、开裂。  Solid packing and overall stuffing can prevent the cases from vibration and jarring.

  这些货物分别装入1、2、5、10、20升的木桶里。  Those goods are available in strong wooden drums of 1,2,5,10 and 20 litres.

  50升的瓶子应是最经济的尺码,这些瓶子可免费保存两个月。  Fifty-litre carboy would be the most economical size. Carboys may be retained without charge for two months.

  你们定单上的各种货物被打成各种大小不同的捆儿,以便于运输。  The various items of your order will be packed into bundles of suitable size for shipment.

  请将每个纸箱重量限制在15公斤内,并将每4箱一组用铁条儿固定起来。  Please keep the cartons to 15kg each and metal-strap all cartons in stacks of 4.

  每件货物应单独用油纸包好。  Each item is to be wrapped separately in gerase-paper.

  每只木箱体积不应超过1.5m*1m*1m.  All measurements of each case must not exceed 1.5m*1m*1m.

  每只木条箱内装4只大瓶子将空余处填满。  Each single crate is heavily padded and packed with 4 carboys.

  请严格遵守包装及商标的细则。  Full details regarding packing and marking must be strictly observed.

  为便于搬运,绳子或铁把手不可缺少,并将其固定在箱子上。  To facilitate carrying, rope or metal handles are indispensable and should be fixed to the boxes.

  包装费中有1美元是包装桶的费用,此费用在桶还给我们时可退回。  Our packing charge includes $1 for the drum, which sum will be credited on return.

  纸箱外加了两道箍,每个箱角都用金属角加固。  The whole carton is packed with double straps, each corner of the carton consolidated with metal angles.

  泡沫塑料用来防止挤压。  Foam plastics are applied to protect the goods against press.

  选择合适的运输方式很重要。  Its essential to choose the right means of transportation.

  为了确保迅速交货,我方要求此订货用空运。  To ensure faster delivery, you are asked to forward the order by air freight.

  总的来说,海运比铁路运输更便宜,但速度慢一些。  Generally speaking, its cheaper but slower to ship goods by sea than by rail.

  空运较快但运费较高。  Its faster but more expensive to ship goods by air.

  由于我方急需这批货物,我方坚持使用快递装运。  Since we need the goods urgently, we must insist on express shipment.

  由于商品的性质,我方只能使用公路运输。  Because of the type of purchase, we can only ship by road.

  如果顾客坚持用卡车以外的运输工具,就必须负担额外费用。  If the customer requests a carrier other than truck, he must bear the additional charge.

  货物将在香港转船。  The goods will be transhipped in Hong Kong.

  货物装船时可能会有一些数量出入,但不会超过5%.  There may be some quantity difference when loading the goods, but not more than 5%.

  为了便于我方备货装船,希望允许分批发运。  To make it easier for us to get the goods ready for shipment, we hope that partial shipment is allowed.

  由于港口工人罢工,交货只好推迟。  Delivery has to be put off due to the strike of the workers at the port.

  恕延期货船,因为我们厂家遇到了预料不到的困难。  We are sorry to delay the shipment because our manufacturer has met unexpected difficulties.

  我们认为货物是在你方保管时受到损害的。  We assume that damage occurred while the consignment was in your care.

  看来货物未受到细心的处理,并且被放置于加热器附近。  The consignment appears to have been roughly handled and left near a heater.

  我恐怕有些很坏的消息要告诉你。  I'm afraid I have some rather bad news for you

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