1-1 A long distance call reservationScence: Henry Bellow(B) and Margaret Bellow, an American couple, are going to spend their holidays in China. Now Mr Bellow is making a reservation at XX Hotel in Shanghai through a long distance call.Reservationist(R): Shanghai XX Hotel.Reservation Desk.Can I help you?B: I'm calling from New York. I'd like to reserve a room in your hotel.R: What kind of room would you like, sir? We have single rooms, double rooms, suites and deluxe suites in Japanses,British,Roman,French and presidential styles.B: A British suite, please.R: Would you like breakfast?B: No ,thanks.R: Can you give me your name ,please,sir?B: Henry Bellow.B-E-L-L-O-W.R: Thank you, Mr Bellow. And your arrival and departure dates?B: From May 26th to May 29th.Am I correct,Mr Bellow?R: Very well, Mr Bellow. A Brithsh suite without breakfast from May 26th to May 29th. Am I correct,Mr Bellow?B: Yes,thank you.One more thing,could you tell me how to guarantee my resrvation?R: I'll just need your credit card number ,and I'll take care of the rest.B: AE card .NO.1734,4018,2273,1868.R: Thank you ,Mr Bellow. you'll be expected to be here then.B; That's fine. Thank you,madam.good-bye.R: good-bye.1-1 长途电话的预订场景: 一对美国夫妇HENRY和MARGART BELL准备到中国度假,BELLOW先生通过长途电话向上海某酒店订房.R:上海XX酒店,预订处,有什么需要帮助吗?B:我这是纽约,想在你们酒店订一间房.R:先生想要什么类型的房间?我们有单人间,双人间,还有日式、英式、法式、罗马式和总统套房.B:英式的.R:需要含早餐吗?B:不,谢谢.R:先生,能告诉我你的名字吗?B:HENRY BELLOW.B-E-L-L-O-W.R:BELLOW先生谢谢你.那么你到达和离开的日期是?B:5月26日至29日.R:好的.一间从5月26日至29日的英式套房,不需要含早餐,对吗,BELLOW先生?B:是的,谢谢.还有一件事,你能告诉我怎样能保证我的预订吗?R:我需要你的信用卡号,然后,我们会妥善的做好记录B:AE卡号是1734401822731868R:谢谢你BELLOW先生,期待你的到来.B:好的,女士谢谢你.再见R:再见1-2 A Group ReservationScene: The telephone rings .The Reservationist answers the phone.R:Reservations,May I help you?Client(C):Yes ,The American People-to-people Education Delegation will be visiting Shanghai at the end of this month.I'd like to reserve 10 double rooms with twin beds for five days.R:For which dates?C:For May 23rd,24th,...and 27th.R:One more moment please,sir. (The reservationist checks to the list.) Yes,we can confirm 10rooms for five days.C:Thank you .Is there a special rate for a group reservation?R;yes,there is a 10 per cent discount.C:That's fine.R:By the way, how will they be getting to Shanghai?Will they be coming by air ?C:Yes.R:Could you give me the flight number,please,in caxe the plane's late?C:Oh ,sorry. I don't know the flight number,but I'll let you know by phone tomorrow.R:Thank you ,sir.C:Oh,yes. According to the program,they'll have a meeting on the 25th.Have you got a big conference hall?R:Yes,sir.we have a very nice multi-function hall1-2 团队预订场景:电话铃响了,接待员接收电话.R:预订处,有什么需要帮忙吗?C:是的,这个月有个美国民间教育代表团将到上海参观,我想订10间有有单人床的双人间,5天.R:什么时候?C:五月的23号,24号,....27号.R:先生请稍等一下(接待员查了一下预订单) 没问题,我们能接下5天的10间房.C:谢谢.团队预订有优惠吗?R:是的,我们可以优惠10%.C:不错.R:顺便说一下,他们怎么来上海?是乘飞机吗?C:是的.R:以免万一飞机误点,能告诉我航班号吗?C:不好意思,我不清楚,不过明天我可以打电话告诉你.R:太谢谢了,先生.C:哦,对了,根据行程,他们在25号有个会议,你们有大会议室吗?R:是的先生,我们有个很漂亮的多功能厅.1-3 A Face-to-face ReservationScene:The receptionist receives a client.R:Can I help you,sir?C:I'd like to book a single room with shower for Mr George Smith.He plans to arrive on the 20th of this month.R:How long will he be staying?|C:I don't know,but it could be anything from seven to ten days.R:Then we can only confirm a room from the 20th to the 27th.I'm afraid we won't be able to guarantee him a room after the 27th.We usually have high occupancies in the peak seasons.C:What if there isn't any room then?R:Don't worry,sir. We can either put him on a waiting list or find him a room in a nearby hltel.C:I see,one more thing,Mr Smith is handicapped.Do you have facilities for the handicapped?R:Yes,sir. We have special bedrooms which all have a wide door into the bathroom with appropriate washing and toilet facilities. Besides,there're no steps between the street and the entrance to the hotel.There is a special lift from the car park to the 1st floor,and lifts are all wide enough to take a wheelchair.C:Fine,how much do you charge for a single room for the handicapped?R:For one night,the hotel cost would be 200 yuan.How will he be paying ,sir?C:His company will cover all the expenses. We'll send you a check right away.R:Thank you,sir.C:Thank you,good-bye.1-3 面对面的预订场景:预订员接待了一位顾客.R:有什么能为你做的,先生?C:我想为SMITH先生订一间带沐浴房的单人间.我会在这个月的20号飞过来.R:他想预留多久?C:我不清楚,但是我想他可以会呆7到10天.R:我们只能确定20--27号的一间单人房.恐怕我们不能保证27号以后的房间.在旺季时我们的客房率通常都很高.C:那如果没有其他的房间怎么办?R:先生不要担心.我们会给他尽量的留房,实在不行的话我们也会为他找一间附近的房间.C:我知道了,还有一件事,SMITH先生是一位残疾人士.你们有为残疾人士准备的设施吗?R:是的,先生.我们有适合他们卫浴的房间.除此之外,从街面到酒店入口没有台阶相隔.停车场也有直接到1楼的电梯,并且还准备了轮椅.C:好的,那这房间的费用是多少呢?R:200元一晚.他的付款方式是?C:他的公司将替他承担所有的费用.我们将与你办好手续.R:谢谢,先生C:谢谢,再见


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