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10 bizarre driving laws around the world

Whether due to antiquated laws that never got updated, or logistic challenges unique to that country, the world is full of strange laws. Some may not sound outlandish in concept, but have extreme consequences; for example, if you’re in Vietnam without a Vietnamese driver’s license, you risk a prison sentence of up to three years. Others—like banning the practice of tying your pet on the roof in Alaska—seem to be the result of an overzealous legal system.

No dirty cars, or car washes on the street
1.If your car is dirty enough to pen dust art, in Moscow it’s liable for a fine of 2000 rubles (about $55). Although enacted in part to prevent muddied and obscured license plates, it’s up to the officers to make the call. Worse yet, it’s illegal to wash your car by hand on public property for ecological reasons—forcing you to take it to one of the few car wash facilities.
1. 在莫斯科,如果你的车脏到可以在上面画沙画,你将被罚款2000卢布(约55美元)。尽管这条规定在某种程度上为了防止泥土遮盖拍照,但是否触犯法规取决于警官。更要命的是,出于保护生态的原因,在公共场所里人工洗车是违法的——这等于是强迫你把车开到洗车中心用设备洗车,然而,在莫斯科,这样的洗车设备屈指可数。

Driving topless
2.Drivers male or female in Thailand can’t drive shirtless, whether it’s a car, bus, or a tuk-tuk cab.
2. 在泰国,无论男女,都不能光膀子驾驶。无论你驾驶的是汽车,公交车,或者嘟嘟车(类似于机动三轮车)。

One for the road
3.No brown-bagging needed while driving in Costa Rica—it’s legal to drink and drive, so long as your blood alcohol level is lower than 0.05% The country also prohibits blasting loud music near churches, hospitals and schools.
3. 在哥斯达黎加,在驾驶时你完全不会用到棕色食品袋——因为边喝酒边驾车是合法的,只要你保证你的血液酒精浓度低于0.05%。此外,该国还禁止在教堂,医院和学校附近大声放音乐。

Mandatory breathalyzers in your car
4.On the other end of extreme, France requires its drivers to carry a portable breathalyzer at all times when driving a car. The one-time kits cost around $5, and if you don’t have one the fine is a paltry 11 euros ($15)—but the law is seldom enforced.
4. 另一个极端情况,法国要求驾驶员在驾驶时随时携带便携式酒精测定仪。这样的一次性设备大约要5美元,如果你没有携带,罚款仅为11欧元(15美元)——但是这条法律很少被执行。

Don’t flip the bird in Cyprus
5.Never mind obscene gestures--even raising your hands in a bout of road rage in Cyprus can get you fined for 25 euros, or about $35. The law states a driver can be fined if the person “is in an irregular position inside the vehicle or raises his hand from the steering wheel unnecessarily.”
5. 在塞浦路斯,你永远不用担心会碰到什么下流的动作——因为即使你因为道路上的一些火气把手上举,你都会被罚款25欧元,约合35美元。法律规定,如果司机在车里做出不常见的姿势或者在不必要的时候将手离开方向盘,都要被罚款。

Yield to animal herder
6.In South Africa, shepherds have the right of way. Although most probably wouldn’t play chicken with an ostrich crossing anyway, the law explicitly says that “the driver of a vehicle on a public road shall stop such vehicle at the request or on the signal of a person leading or driving any bovine animal, horse, ass, mule, sheep, goat, pig or ostrich on such road.” Fines can get as high as $500.
6. 在南非,牧羊人有优先选择道路的权利。尽管有人带着鸡和鸵鸟过马路的情况不太可能出现,但法律明确规定,如果路上骑着或者赶着牛属动物(包括马,驴,骡子,绵羊,山羊,猪或者鸵鸟)的人发出信号或提出要求,驾驶者必须停下车辆。否则,罚款将高达500美元。

Muddy water blues: Fine for splashing pedestrians
7.Politeness isn’t just the culture in Japan, it’s part of driving laws. Splashing a pedestrian with a puddle from your car will cost you over $60. The country is also strict with its DUI laws—riding with or loaning your car to a driver who gets caught drinking and driving can lead to a fine costing thousands of dollars.
7. 在日本,恭敬有礼不仅仅蕴含在文化中,也在交通法规中有所体现。如果你把水坑里的水溅到人行道上,你将会被罚款60美元。日本关于酒后驾车的法律也十分严格。酒后驾车或者把你的车借给喝过酒的人,如果被发现,将会导致上千美元的罚款。

Eating inside the car
8.Careless driving laws exist both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, but it can get draconian in the UK, where motorists have been ticketed for eating a sandwich or apple.
8. 美国和英国都有《反粗心驾驶法》。但在英国,这项法律十分严苛,如果有人边吃三明治或苹果边开车,将会收到罚单。

Prohibited driving based on day of the week
9.Although some countries like Italy restrict driving access to certain zones, Manila, Philippines takes the cake for the most convoluted traffic law. You can’t drive in some of the busiest districts of Manila, depending on the day of the week and the last digit on your license plate. For example, if your plate ends with 1 or 2, you can be fined if caught driving between 7am and 7pm on a Monday.
9. 尽管像意大利等一些国家也有对开车进入某些特定区域的限制,但菲律宾马尼拉则专门为其制定了复杂的交通法规。在马尼拉,要根据车牌尾数和星期几来决定你是否开车进入最繁华的地段。举例来说,假如你的车牌尾数是1或2,如果你被发现在周一早上7点和晚上7点之间驾驶,你将被处以罚款。

Your sheep needs a chaperone
10.The United States isn’t immune from bizarre laws, either. In Montana it’s illegal to have sheep in the cab of your truck unless there’s a chaperone—but luckily it’s legal to keep Dolly inside the passenger cabin without supervision. In Nevada driving camels on highways is prohibited.
10. 美国也有一些奇葩法律。例如在蒙大拿州,把羊放在驾驶室是违法的,除非有一个女伴同时在场——但是,幸运的是,把克隆羊多莉放在驾驶室而没有监护则是法律允许的。在内华达州,在高速公路上骑骆驼是违法的。

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