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How to write a CV简历的制作

Your CV should include six different areas of information; personal details, education and qualifications, work experience, interests and achievements, skills and referees.简历需要覆盖六个方面的信息:个人基本信息,教育背景和技能、工作经历、兴趣和成就、技能和证明人。

Normally your personal details would be your name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email.


For your education you should mention your university and deGREe subject; any relevant school work should also be included. Remember the reader of your CV may be used to a different scale of grades to you; you might be a Chinese graduate applying to a western company or university, for instance. Therefore it is important establish how grades are scaled in your country. It is only necessary to mention accomplishments that show your best side; no need to state poor results and don’t lie! Many people use reverse chronological order when listing dates; that is, start with the most recent date first and work backwards. Both chronological and reverse chronological are acceptable but stick with the same throughout your CV. 你的教育背景需要指明你的大学和专业;任何相关学生工作,记住看你简历的人可能会习惯性把你归类;譬如,你作为一个中国毕业生会去申请西方院校或者外资企业。因此确定所在国的等级划分方式就变得异常重要。只需要指出自己特长方面的成就便可以了,而无需提及你的弱项,并请不要说谎。很多人在时间排序时,喜欢用反向时间排序,即将最近的时间排在最前面并以此类推。其实正向排序和反向排序在编写简历时都是可以的,只要通篇保持一致即可。

Work experience should emphasis skills that relate to the job you are applying for. Show how the experience developed you, so even working in a shop or restaurant involves working in a team and providing a quality service. Likewise if you are looking for a finance job, focus on numeracy and problem solving skills, whereas for marketing emphasis negotiating abilities. You may not have had much experience if you are a graduate student but don’t forget to mention internships; use them to show what you learnt and improved and what your responsibilities were.编写工作经历时,需要强调工作中所获得的技能。指出这个经历为你提供了发展的空间,即使是在一家商店或餐厅工作也同样是涉及团队合作和优质服务这些方面的。同样的,你是准备申请一份金融方面的工作,需要关注的是计算能力和解决问题的能力,而不是关注市场的谈判能力。假如你是一个应届毕业生,当然不会有很多的工作经历,但是请不要忘了你的实习。用实习来告诉对方你学到了什么,提高了哪些技能,以及你的责任是什么。

Interests and achievements should be kept reasonably short. As you grow older your employment section will lengthen and this section will diminish. It is a good chance for you to mention any interests relevant to the job: current affairs if you want to be journalist. Examples of leadership: captain of a sports team, chair of a student society. Any similar evidence that shows skills such as team working, organising and planning would be useful to put in as well. Bullet points give your CV a clear and easy to read look, so use them to separate your interests into different types. Like this:兴趣和成绩无需太长,要适当合理。随着工龄的增加,你的工作经历一栏也会慢慢增加,而这一项也会消失。因此,此时正是提及与工作相关兴趣的好机会:你想要成为记者可以提及时事。证明领导力的例子:运动会的队长或学生会的主席。任何与团队合作、组织和计划相关的例子都可以被列举出来。简历上的要点需要清晰、易读,所以可以根据不同要点对你的兴趣进行必要地划分。例如:

Reading (but give examples: I enjoy reading historical novels because they make the past come alive)阅读(举例:我喜欢读历史小说,因为它可以为我们重现历史)

Ice skating (make sure you don’t just use passive interests or you will seem boring. Out of the ordinary hobbies make you stand out from the crowd)滑冰(确保你的兴趣爱好不要太过时或者很无趣,与众不同的爱好可以让你脱颖而出)

Try not to use the same clichés as other people切记不要使用陈词滥调。Skills are things like languages, computing and driving. For languages, list all the languages you speak, with a one word description of your knowledge of that language; conversational, intermediate, advanced and fluent. You can also list any certificates and results like IELTS scores, with date. Computer skills should include everything you know; good working knowledge of MS Word and Excel etc. Driving; full current clean driving licence. 技能可以是涉及语言、计算机或者驾驶等方面。语言可以列举你所会的全部语言,并用一个词来形容:一般会话能力;中级;高级;流畅。你还可以列举所获的相关证书,如雅思,并附上时间。计算机能力可以列举你所知道的一切:如熟练掌握OFFICE办公软件。驾驶技能:如拥有无扣分违规的驾驶证。

Usually two referees are enough; one academic and one an employer. Your academic referee could be your tutor or a member of staff who knew you well; such as a project supervisor. Your employer could be from your last part time or summer job if you are a graduate job seeker. A family friend is also possible but ideally they should have some professional position such as a banker, teacher or doctor. In any case the key point is that your referees should know you well enough to be able to write positively about you.一般两个证明人就足够了:一个是学术证明人;一个是工作经历证明人。学历证明人可以是你的导师,或者熟悉你的其他教员,如项目负责人。工作经历证明人可以是你前公司,假如你是应届毕业生,也可以是假期实习公司。朋友也可以作为证明人,都是最好他们的工作是银行工作者、教师或者医生。最重要的一点就是你的证明人都会用好的语言来形容你。

Referees (noun)    References, people who act as references证明人(名词)

Scaled (verb)     Measured测量(动词)

Chronological (adj)   Arranged in order of time of occurrence时间排序(形容词)

Stick with (verb)    Stay with坚持(动词)

Numeracy (noun)   Skill with numbers and mathematics计算能力(名词)

Internships (noun) Position of students doing supervised practical training实习(名词)

Diminish (verb)    Make smaller or less消失(动词)

Clichés (noun)    Overused expressions陈词滥调(名词)

Tutor (noun) University teacher, responsible for the supervision of a certain group of students教员(名词)

Project supervisor (noun) Person who directs a project项目负责人(名词)


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