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A Damaged Man Has the Last Word on Diana

[1]He was the silent of the storm that erupted after the violent death of Diana, Princess of Wales. The only survivor of the horrific crash in Paris, Trevor Rees-Jones would surely answer all the puzzling questions about that night in 1997. But apart from one tabloid interview that he instantly regretted, the 31-year-old bodyguard remained as enigmatic as the last fateful seconds locked irretrievably inside his head.

[2] The former paratrooper had suffered serious chest and head injuries, his face so badly disfigured that it was sewn back together after more than 20 metal splinters were removed. What hurt more, it seems, were the accusations about his role and the wild conspiracy theories made by his former employer, Mohamed al-Fayed, father of the deceased Dodi.

[3] Rees-Jones has now decided to break his silence by writing a book, The bodyguard's Story, which gives his unalloyed account of the events leading up to the final "shambles". It describes the bizarre Fayed menage. Crates of bottled water were taken to the family villa in St Tropez--the equivalent of coals to Newcastle. Fayed's private Gulfstream jet transported five sacks of sand to Finland to make a beach for the Fayed children, only to be swept away.

[4] Although adamant that he is not cashing in on Diana's death, Rees-Jones is submitting to a media hoopla because he is hard up. Denied compensation in France, facing legal bills and without long-term provision after his acrimonious parting from Fayed, the money has provided him with a two-bedroom house in Oswestry in Shropshire and some security.

[5] It has bought him no peace of mind. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, he confesses he is plagued by the thought that Diana, Dodi and driver Henri Paul died _on my shift_ and that he would gladly have sacrificed his own life to save theirs. "If I could have died and those three survived, I could have done it,"_he says.

[6] Rees-Jones was one of 40 security men_ 16-stone nannies hired to guard the Fayed family and pander to their whims. A former squaddie with the Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland, he was a useful rugby player whose tough looks and 6ft 2in frame belied a mild and stoical nature.




现在里斯-琼斯已决定写一本书来打破自己的沉默,书名叫《保缥的故事》,书中对最终导致汽车撞成“一堆废铁”的各个事件进行了原原本本的叙述。它描述了古怪的法耶德家族。成箱的瓶装水被运到他们在圣特罗佩兹的家庭别墅,这就像将煤运到纽卡斯尔一样多余。法耶德的湾流型私人喷气飞机将五袋沙子运到芬兰以为他家的孩子们造一片沙滩,结果只是沙子被海水冲走。 虽然里斯-琼斯坚称他并非利用戴安娜之死来挣钱,实际他确是由于生活日益拮据而屈服于媒体的纠缠。他在法国得不到赔偿,还要面对诉讼费的账单,而在闹翻了离开法耶德家后又失去了长期的生活来源,写书所得的这笔钱已使他得以在英国什罗普郡的奥斯韦斯特里买了一套两间卧室的房子,得到了一定的稳定生活的保证。 他并没有得到心灵的安宁。在接受《每日电讯报》的采访时,他承认由于戴安娜、多迪和司机亨利·保尔是死在他当班的时候,他的内心一直目经受着煎熬,他美愿意牺牲自己来换取这三人的生命。“如果我的死能够救活他们,我一定会这样做,”他说。

里斯-琼斯是法耶德家雇来保护家人和迎合他们的突发奇想的40名保安人员--“体重128磅的保姆”之一。他原是驻北爱尔兰伞兵团的一名士兵,曾是一名不错的橄榄球手,刚毅的外表和六英尺二英寸的身高掩盖了他温和而能吃苦耐劳的性格。 这种性格在他与法耶德打交道不久后就遇到了考验,他发现法耶德是个脾气坏和吹毛求疵的老板。甚至为了一些小事,例如让一个小法耶德坐一部没有空调的车,这个埃及佬就会骂他:“蠢驴,你这个蠢驴。我付钱不是让你这么干的。”