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一、 Measuring And Comparing 形容物品、度量、比较
301. What's the height of the building? 这座楼有多高?
302. How much does the elephant weight? 这个大象有多重?
303. What's the color of your new dress? 你的新衣服是什么颜色的?
304. What's the size of your shoes? 你的鞋多大尺寸?
305. My brother is twice as tall as your sister. 我弟弟比你妹妹高一倍。
306. My grandma is 40 years older than me. 我祖母比我大40岁。
307. This river is one third as long as that river. 这条河只有那条河的三分之一长。
308. What's the shape of your balloon? 你的气球是什么形状?
309. How wide is this bridge? 这座桥有多宽?
310. How thick is the ice here? 这儿的冰有多厚?
311. This metal is harder than that one. 这种金属比那种硬。
312. He can run as fast as Jim. 他跑的和吉姆一样快。
313. Kate is smarter than I. 凯特比我聪明。
314. How long do you watch TV every day? 你每天看多长时间电视?
315. How often do you go swimming? 你多久去游一次泳?

二、 Asking For Help 寻求帮助
316. Would you please open the door for me? 请你帮忙开个门好吗?
317. May I ask you a question? 我能问你个问题吗?
318. Please give me a hand. 请帮我个忙。
319. Could you do me a favor? 能请你帮个忙吗?
320. Would you help me remove the refrigerator? 能帮忙移一下冰箱吗?
321. Get me my coat, please. 请帮我拿下外套。
322. Make me a cup of coffee, will you? 给我冲杯咖啡,好吗?
323. Call me tomorrow if you have time. 明天要有时间就给我打个电话。
324. Could you tell me where I can find these books? 您能告诉我在哪儿能找到这些书吗?
325. Certainly. 当然了。
326. Witch pleasure. 很高兴。
327. I'm sorry. I'm engaged now. 对不起,我现在正忙着。
328. I'm glad to, but I'm afraid I don't have the time. 我很乐意,但我恐怕没时间。
329. Would you mind closing the window for me? 能帮我关一下窗户吗?(你介意关下窗户吗?)
330. Not at all. 当然可以。(当然不介意)

三、 Asking Directions 打听情况和问路
331. Excuse me, madam. Could you tell me where the post office is?
332. It's just around the corner. 转弯就是。
333. Excuse me, how can I get to the bus station? 对不起,汽车站怎么走?
334. You can take the bus and get off at the second stop.
335. Excuse me. Where is No.5 Street? 对不起,第五大街在哪儿?
336. Go straight ahead and turn left at the second crossing.
337. Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Mr. Hu's restaurant?
338. Go on for about 100 meters. It's on your left side. You can't miss it.
339. Which one is Mr. Jame's office? 哪间是詹姆司先生的办公室?
340. It's Room 201 on the second floor. 二楼201房间。
341. Can I use the lift? 我能用电梯吗?
342. Sorry, it's broken. You have to use the stairs. 对不起,它坏了,你只能走楼梯了。
343. Where are the stairs? 楼梯在哪里呢?
344. Go along the corridor and it's on your right side. 沿着走廊走,在你右手边。
345. Thank you for directions. 感谢你为我指路。

四、 About Marriage 关于婚姻
346. Are you married? 你结婚了吗?
347. I'm single. 我现在单身。
348. You have a younger brother, don't you? 你有个弟弟,是吗?
349. How is your family? 你的家人怎么样?
350. She's engaged/married to John. 她和约翰订婚/结婚了。
351. How long have you been married? 你们结婚多久了?
352. We've been married for 2 years. 我们结婚两年了。
353. My parents got married in 1954. 我父母1954年结婚的。
354. Mary gave birth to a baby last week. 玛丽上星期做妈妈了。
355. They've been divorced. 他们已离婚了。
356. His wife died a year ago. Now he lives alone. 他妻子去年去世了。现在他一个人住。
357. My aunt will come to live with me for some days. 我阿姨会来和我住一些日子。
358. John has his own family now. 约翰现在有自己的家了。
359. Do you live with your parents? 你和你父母住一起吗?
360. No. I live in my own house. 不,我住在自己的房子里。

五、 Talking About Neighbors And Friends 谈论邻居和朋友
361. Do you know Mary? 你认识玛丽吗?
362. Sure. We are friends since primary school. 当然,我们从小学就是朋友了。
363. Really? I was introduced to her just last weekend. 真的?上周末我才被介绍给她。
364. What is she doing now? 她现在干些什么呢?
365. She told me she wanted to start a company. 她告诉我她想开公司。
366. Start a company? But I thought she would be a scholar.
367. People are always changing, aren't they? 人总是在变,不是吗?
368. Yes, you're right. After all, she is smart enough to go into business.
369. But she doesn't have much experience. 但她没有太多经验。
370. You two don't have much contact? 你们俩没怎么联系吗?
371. No, I only wrote her one letter this year. 是的,今年我才给她写过一封信。
372. And she? 她呢?
373. She sent me a Christmas card last year. 去年寄过一张圣诞卡。
374. Oh, that's not good. 哦,那可不好。
375. Yes, we should try to contact more. 是的,我们应该联系多点。